Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What nice friends....

This morning has been a very lovely morning.. thanks to 2 good friends, JW and Fishman. Both of them made my day :).

JW bought me breakfast.... 2 doughnuts from Big Apple (an oreo and an almond flakes fav)... I already had breakfast before I came into work but how can one say No to such mouth-watering, yummy treats. Before 11am... I walloped both down ... with another cuppa of Chinese Tea ;). Brruupp! Thanks JW... and I am still going for lunch afterwards.

Fishman gave me the lovely mushroom that I spotted on his blog when he was clearing out his fish tank. I asked him where he got it and he immediately offerred to give it to me. How very sweet. He passed it to me through JW. Keenu (my pet glider) and I thank you very much Fishman.

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