Monday, November 26, 2007

Cookies for the Cookie Monsters :p

Last Friday, JW asked if I wanted to accompany her to Ikea on Sunday. I do like walking around Ikano, popping into Macy and browsing inside Ikea. But I was getting rather broke now that it is the end of the month. Didn't want to go window shopping and accidently end up buying something and bursting my credit card, which is very close to exploding already. So, I told JW that I will be making cookies instead.

So, when Sunday came, I didn't want to be called a liar when I went to work on Monday morning empty handed, I took out the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. I added chopped walnuts to the recipe as I love that nutty bite in my cookies, muffins, ice-creams...anything.

The first batch I made were the size of the Famous Amos type. As I only have those smaller version ovens, I was thinking that this was going to take me the entire afternoon. I decided to make them bigger. Turned out that I had to make another 2 trays before I can call it a day.

I made the last clump for me, myself and I .... bigger and crunchier. Poured the remaining chopped walnuts into the dough before I stuffed it into the oven. When it came out, I waited for it to cool down just enough and plonked it into my mouth before anyone else saw it and cookie-napped it from me.

watching my cookie "grow"

my cookie

one bigger cookier to rule the smaller ones

Had about 12 small cookies and 18 bigger cookies when I was done. Took some for JW & her sister Jean. Babe stopped by and she tested one. Verdict : a bit too sweet. I have about 5 left in the cookie jar at home. The rest have been gobbled down by the cookie monsters ..... the largest cookie monster being my friend MHKK... he should know who he is when he reads this post :D

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Joyce Wong said...

Hey.. your cookie look like a mountain of nuts in it. It sure look big.

Thanks for the cookies... I think Jean will finish it maybe two seating.

Unknown said...

i was actually rather afraid that it might not turn out but on the contrary.. it was nice and crunchy. next time i make, i will put more walnuts in the cookies. Hope Jean will like it :)

kljs said...

not enough for the cookie monster! He needs more cookies!

can I have one too?

Anonymous said...

Crurb~ Crurb~ Crurb~
mE lOvE cOOkIEss~~~

Unknown said...

kljs : the next time i bake some more cookies, i'll think of you :)

anonymous : you must be one of my fav cookie monsters :D

twosuperheroes said... make me sooo envious. How did you make all those cookies, you genius! Haha..C'mon..teach me! teach me! Hehe..Maybe I can make some "Famous Amos" for Superhero W then! :p

Unknown said...

heehee..the recipe is very easy.. the next time i make.. i will list the recipe down...but i think other bloggers' recipe maybe better :p