Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life is a Circle

Do you know that life is a circle? I know you do, and mine is a much tinier circle. Payday, Pay bills and then wait for Payday again. Today is supposed to be Payday but it does not happen until the end of the day. In the last couple of months, due to some issues with the bank, pay only got in on the 2nd or 3rd of the following month.

Darn, I am so totally broke. Got up this morning, checked the wallet. Enough to get me through the day coz I’ve got only about 10 buckaroos left. I hope some kind friend is reading this and will offer to treat me to lunch and or dinner hee hee. Actually, what can one eat for 10 bucks, actually 8 left, coz I ate fried beehoon for 2 bucks this morning.

Actually, I am glad we live in Malaysia coz with just 8 bucks, I am sure I can survive through the day. Drinks are free, if I drink all my beverages in the office and they do have a large good variety to choose from too as the company is rather generous in stocking up the pantry. I could go over to the nearby food court and order a curry noodles or noodles of any sort as this will only cost 3 bucks and a half or 4.

That leaves me with 4 bucks left. Hey, no worries as there is this great malay stall near my place which sells a large packet of rice with curry, vegetables and beef for 3 bucks fifty. Wow, I still have money left. Now isn’t Malaysia great.

We can actually live on less than 10 dollars a day if we wanted to. But that means no McDs, KFCs or A&Ws and definitely no Pizza Huts. Look at the positive side of things, you get to keep away from the junk food, get into a more healthy eating style and save money. What more can one ask for?


Joyce Wong said...

Hey.. are you sure the curry rice in that picture can be bought with less than 5 bucks. Sure don't look like it.. of it look very good. Very hungry coz I miss breakfast.

Babe_KL said...

i doubt curry mee, nasi lemak and fried beehoon are as unhealthy as those fastfood :p

Fishman said...

Oh my goodness!...and I thought I am the only one with an empty pocket. Guess I need to strike your name off from my free meal contributors list!

Unknown said...

hee hee.. yeah babe in KL.. they are unhealthy for both my body and my wallet too ;).

Fishman, you have to definitely strike off my name from your free meal contributors list. And I have to start my own list of free meal contributors.. so how about faxing over your list for me to leach off