Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thank you very much my dear friend :)

Somedays, you just don't know that something very nice is just waiting for you around the corner. That was exactly what happened to me when I came back from lunch just now. The receptionist called me just as I was turning my PC back on that there was a parcel from Pos Laju for me. Now, it cannot be that China tea-set that I order coz I have not even paid for it yet??? When I went to collect it, I saw the name of the sender of the box. It was the name of my dear dear buddhist girlfriend (I am not sure if she wants me to mention her name here but she will surely know it is her I meant).

When I opened the box, amongst the many gifts she enclosed, what I valued most was her letter. It was written from the heart and I felt so touched by it. I would like to thank her for her lovely gesture and that what means the most to me is the friendship that we have.

By the way, dearie, thank you for the lovely Avon KGBC Pin. Ever since you mailed me that article on Avon's Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC), I was wondering whether I knew anyone who is an Avon dealer to get the pin. Law of Attraction, as you always mention in your sms-es, I am now the proud owner of that lovely pin. Thank you! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
but I've got it all here in my heart.
I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you.

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be.
I could fly higher than an eagle,
for you are the wind beneath my wings.

Fly, fly, fly high against the sky,
so high I almost touch the sky.
Thank you, thank you,
thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings.