Monday, June 25, 2007

Sigh... Monday Morning....

Why is it that I always need a weekend to recover from a weekend… Oh well, a start to a new work week. The only people (if you can call them that) to get me through Monday mornings are Cal and Dil. First thing I do after logging into the PC is to go straight to see what these 2 have been up to over the weekend whilst I was away. Cal never fails to bring a smile to my face and Dil will always have me nodding in agreement at management’s idiosyncrasies.

Cal is short for Calvin. He is an adorable 6 year old kid, who is highly imaginative and with his energetic and sardonic, albeit stuffed tiger toy Hobbes, he has the most wonderful adventures where he transmogrify into dinosaurs and aliens. Calvin
and Hobbes is a comic strip, created by Bill Watterson. This comic strip was syndicated in 1985 but I only got to meet Calvin in the mid 90s when a girlfriend gave me one of his comic books as a Christmas present. I was sold on this little boy from then on. Don’t get me wrong, he is wonderful and cute as long as he stays within that black and white (sometimes colored) frames of the comic strip but I would pity the mothers of little Calvin’s come alive haha. Believe me, he is no angel but neither is he the devil. He is just a typical little boy who will get into all sorts of spills like pushing his mom’s car down the street just to see what happens after it reaches the end of the street. After all these years, Calvin is still the only child. I suppose his parents got wiser after him haha. His dad wanted to have a dog actually.

Dil, or Dilbert is a cartoon for adults as Dilbert’s cartoon strips (creator is Scott Adams) are known for its satirical humor about the white-collared typical corporate office. There are so many characters in the strip that you don’t really have to look too hard to identify your “idiot” colleagues, your “stupid” bosses and “moronic” friends in there. Opps, I am definitely going to get strung up and grilled for this. Ok, Ok.. I even found my egotistical self in there .. everyone feeling better now??

The main character is of cause Dilbert, who is a technology freak. He has a dog named Dogbert but Dogbert is an evil one. He is definitely not Dilbert’s best friend as he treats his master Dilbert like a bumbling fool. The Boss is the boss, and typical of most bosses that we know is every employee’s worst nightmare. Not that he is mean, he is just STUPID (buahahaha). The rest of the gamut of characters in there includes Wally, Alice, Asok, Catbert, Ratbert, etc etc. Go, go. View this site if you live in a workplace like me from 9 to 5 everyday, you’ll need this to keep you sane.

Sigh.. back to work….

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