Friday, June 22, 2007

There is hope for me YET!

One more post before I begin my weekend…. Just wanted to let the world know that there is still hope for me YAAAHOOO!

Was blog surfing when I came across this Extreme Makeover post. Extreme Makeover was a groundbreaking reality series from ABC in which volunteers receive extensive makeovers. It began airing in 2002 and received overwhelming response from viewers. Not sure if it was a rerun or they were actually doing a new season but I did stumble upon it some time back when I was ASTRO channel surfing during my leave last December but kinda forgot all about it. Yah yah, I know.. beauty is superficial and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. yada yada yada.. But I can’t help it. There are days when I would give a lot to be beautiful. But I use to say to myself, in another lifetime kid. But there may be help for me just yet ... have a look at these photos…they are so very encouraging.

Hey, what happened to pictures of Guys? Either they are not as vain as the Gals???? Nah.. maybe nothing offence Guys... it's Friday :)

A great weekend ya!

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