Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche .. most kind, most precious teacher ~~~

Last evening was my first time attending the Book Club Cell Group audience with my Guru, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. The truth be told, I did not know exactly what to expect. I have finished reading the book Dragon Thunder, My Life with Chogam Trungpa but when my Cell Group buddies were throwing questions around during our own little meet before the audience with Guru, my mind was BLANK! Sh*t.. I started chanting the mantra “Don’t let Guru call on me…Don’t let Guru call on me…”. Food has always been my weakness but those delicious Dunkin’ Donuts lost all appeal to me last nite.

Our audience with Rinpoche was supposed to be at 8pm sharp but one of the Cell Group members was late as he was caught in the terrible traffic coming in. Fu*k. This is going to be a lousy start for sure. Finally, all were present and Rinpoche was informed that we were ready. Rinpoche started off with a little prayer and then he launched into a dharma talk before reference was made to the book. By the way, all these are recorded and if you are interested, you can view all these at http://www.rinpoche.tv/.

As the nite progress, we did touch on the book (a little) but the beauty of all of these audiences with Rinpoche is that he tailors each and every session according to the collective Karma of the group. We were “stupidly” expecting him to hold our hands and walk us through the book. But yesterday evening, Rinpoche chose to introduce us to beautiful Vajrayogini. Our center’s name Kechara House was Rinpoche’s intention to set up Vajrayogini’s Paradise on earth for all his students and everyone else who would want to connect with her.

It is just not possible to do her justice here as there is so much to tell about her. Rinpoche in his kindness gave us the opportunity to view her in the next room and pay our respect to her. To see her is to love her (Rinpoche was so right… I am beginning to feel like a traitor to Tara. Another story that one haha). When the evening ended (ahem morning actually as we ended our audience with Rinpoche at 3am this morning), again Rinpoche in his great compassion and kindness presented us (newbies, the name He gives to new students) with Vajrayogini Tsa Tsas (hehe wouldn’t you want one too), VCDs and books.

Wow, air-con, drinks, chocolates and best of all Dharma…what more could anyone want? I am sold. I am going to insist on being a life member to Kechara’s Book Club meets.