Wednesday, June 6, 2007

~~~ Reminiscing

This morning, with the light drizzle cooling the weather and making the air a little misty, with the car air-condition on cold and me in my turtleneck, I cannot stop but reminisced about my University days in Australia. Much time has passed but it appeared like just yesterday when life was so carefree and fun. Time in Australia had been very special for me. That was the time when I really and truly grew up. I met so many good friends there who are today closer to me than my own siblings. I had 3 girls as housemates and we were like sisters. And like sisters, we were so close that boys have told us that none of us will get boyfriends coz to date 1, he gets the other 3 to tag along. But as sisters, we fought as well, normally over the smallest and most trivial of things.
Today, 3 of us still meet up very often with the rest of the friends. The 4th “sister” has migrated to New Zealand but we do keep in touch via our Yahoo Group. Sometimes I wish I could go back and experience all that again but I also know that things would never be the same for any of us. We have all grown up and moved on. We were students back then and there were things we know now that we didn’t then. At best, if we ever go back to our old house in Australia, we will only reminisce about the old times and collect new experiences whilst there. The sun has still not broken out of the gloomy clouds and I have to get back to work. So, time to shelf those memories and take them out again another cool wet day.

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