Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Please save the tigers!

Just as I was about to leave for lunch, I opened an email from a friend which said "The tiger is the ultimate symbol of Asia's natural and cultural heritage,
DON'T LET IT BECOME EXTINCT !. There are only 2 simple actions that one could take to help protect the tigers. (1)To add your photo to the tiger mosaic (http://mail.panda.org/inxmail/url?vhf7000e03yb0bpzd3a3) or(2) To send a message to China to keep its tiger trade ban in place ( http://mail.panda.org/inxmail/url?vhj7000e03yb007dq3a3)." So small a request and I didn't even have to lift my arse from my chair to save these beautiful creatures. So, if you could help to, please do so. The tigers would appreciate it very much.

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