Monday, July 2, 2007

I live for Weekends

Great Karaoke Nite ~~~~~

It has been a fantastic weekend of non-stop action from the word GO. My weekend started on Thursday last week. There was a Karaoke fund raising event which was organized for the renovation of our dharma centre. The event was held at the STAR KTV in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Members, friends and families came together and let their hair down. A nite to go wild (not that the group is not already wild enough on regular days). Got shots of major stars like Eric Choong (the fashion designer) and James Long (singer, performer by profession) and many more for posterity and for blackmail buahahaha… evil aren’t I.

Reunion ~~~~~

Had a reunion with friends on Friday nite at Chilies, again at Bangsar Shopping Centre. That is getting to be a regular haunt for me these days as the last couple of weeks I was there to watch some show at The Actors Studio, or to meet friends there. Have not seen a particular girlfriend for donkey years at this reunion. When I saw her, she looked exactly the same. Not a day older since I last saw her 10 years ago. She must have found the fountain of youth and she has been keeping it all to her self. Hmmm she is as evil as I am. Yeah, this is her with ther evil smile :)

Lui Char Farn ~~~~~

Do you know what is “lui char farn”? I had it 2 times already, in my entire life. A dharma sister invited me to her birthday Dana Lunch (From Wikipedia - Dana is a Sanskrit and Pali word meaning generosity or giving. In Buddhism, it also refers to the practice of cultivating generosity) on Saturday. Actually she asked me that if I could to be at her house at 9am to help out. Their Venerables (monks) will be arriving at noon for lunch. Being evil and lazy, I arrived at 11:00am. Hee hee, most of the dharma sisters have done most of the work. That left only the pamelo fruits for me to peel. No problem, that I can handle.

Lui Char Farn is a meal which takes tremendous amount of work, Preparation could take days. It is a meal where most of the ingredients are vegetables. There must have been at least 10 types of vegetables ranging from string beans, long beans, all sorts of green leaved veggies. All these are cut, sliced and diced and lightly fried without oil in a wok so as to get rid of the “green veggie smell”. Dried shrimps are also fried as garnishings. The trickiest bit is the gravy. Sesame seeds and peanuts are tossed over a hot pan to make them fragrant. These are put in a blender. Added to that are 3 types of green veggies and dried tea leaves (my friend used high quality Tik Guan Yin). Hot water is added to this lot and the gravy is formed. Cooked rice is lightly fried to make it fragrant.

To eat all this, you put only a little rice at the bottom of your bowl, add a whole bunch of veggies over the rice, add peanut, dried shrimp if preferred and pour the gravy over the lot. Mix well and scoop into mouth… I was in gluttony heaven….I heard that if you were to eat this at the shops, it might coz you more than RM10 a bowl. For all that effort, I’d say it is worth it.

Now I cannot wait for her next birthday.

Dzambala Mystical Treasures ~~~~~

Sunday was spent at the dharma outlet in 1 Utama, Dzambala Mystical Treasures. Was there from 10am until 7pm but only left the shopping centre at 10pm. Got some friends to meet up for dinner but insisted that we assembled ourselves at the outlet (so that I can persuade them to invite some precious item from the outlet – told you that I am evil and proud to admit it). The 3 friends met me up at 6pm and after a tour around the shop, the dearest and bestest friend in the whole whole (for that evening) was Joe.

He bought a singing bowl and a rather large and pretty one. Costs only RM428. Wonderful. Asked him later a to why he bought the bowl. Did he feel coerced into buying it because of our cajoling? He said “Nah.. I am going to put it in my Melbourne office and look all Asian and Exotic”. Good for you dear Joe.

Well, got home, cleaned up some and started to clear my altar as there is a new addition to my house… a new housemate. Her name is Vajrayogini. Tara, Dzambala, Chenrizig,Tsongkapa, Setrap and the rest of them were so happy to receive her. And that my dears, will be another post.

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