Monday, June 18, 2007

Planting dharma seeds :)

The weekend started with a wonderful book club meeting with my Lama (Guru), Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. It was as usual, a really great session and dharma talks by Rinpoche are always, always mind blowing. He talked about how happy and proud he was of his students at the recent Book Fair in Singapore and also the Buddhist Cultural & Arts Festival at the MINES. Have a listen at . The video is entitled “The Chart”. Fantastic!

He also talked about how each of us puts in 1 hour a day on our dharma practice and spends the rest of the 23 hours of the day in non-dharma practices like working, sleeping, eating, doing business, having fun, etc, etc and yet questions how come we do not see our minds transform. Put into that perspective, most would realize how ignorant and clouded our minds have been. So few of us ever sees the opportunities our Lama has given us to practice in meritorious environments. The talk ended at 3am in the morning and every minute spent in the presence of such a wisdom being is such good fortune to the listener.

Saturday & most part of Sunday were spent doing the routine stuff. At 3:30pm on Sunday, my friend David called and asked if I could get him tickets for the musical “The Perfect Circle”. Ahhh.. finally somebody has responded to my email and sms to getogether for this show. It is a musical production on Buddha, Karma & Samsara and Compassion (the Buddhist perspective).

David has brought his family up from Singapore for the school holidays and was thinking of spending some quality time with them as opposed of just letting them shop ‘til they dropped. Through James, a friend and his connections, David got his
tickets at this late hour (must be his good karma). I found the musical very interesting and entertaining. I found out later that David and his wife were not mandarin speaking; so much was lost as they could not understand the interview with Venerable Man Ya. Their 2 girls, Kimberly and Cassandra (11 and 9 years old) found the most part of the show a little bit daunting but they really like the dances. Well, this is what “planting the seeds of dharma” is all about. This family is going to go back to Singapore, carrying with them Buddha, Avalokitesvara, Tara and many more. How wonderful.

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