Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hauntings and Disturbances….

Wow, how strange. After the post on fear and ghosties two days ago, I met a lady at a dharma bookshop yesterday. I noticed that she was buying heaps of dharma books, CDs, amulets and what have you. She had very tired eyes. She was talking to the proprietor of the shop and I kind of KPC-ly (inquisitively) slid over to where she was to hear what she was saying. Ha Ha .. .this is different from eavesdropping as the lady could tell that I was very obviously listening to what she was saying.

Her stories sent goose bumps all over my body. She told us how she has gone to various priests of all faiths, monks, samis and bomohs but to no avail. These men of faith have beaten her, shouted at her, pulled her hair in their attempts to get whatever that they thought was inside her to leave her body. Many have asked her to do all sorts of rituals. According to her, she will experience only temporary relief. A few days later, the disturbances will start again. She even took trips away from Malaysia for long periods of time and when she comes back, the disturbances will return.

I asked her about her latest encounter and she told me that apart from all the stuff rattling and moving on their own in her house, which had scared pretty much everybody away, including family members and her maid, the latest incident happened when she was coming out of her car. Since everyone has left her, there was no one to help her carry her groceries from her car back to her house. Out of sheer frustration, she said aloud with hands full, “Now everyone has left me, how am I going to carry all these stuff and lock my car” and suddenly, her car door closed and the locks clicked. When she got inside her house, she commented aloud “Why are you so nice to me now? What do you want?”

Three days ago, she started to hear a voice inside her head. This voice told her to get out a bucket of water, put salt, and several other things and mop the house down. Apparently for no reason other than acting out the command of the voice, she did. After that, the voice told her to take rice and salt and throw it around the house. Again she did. According to her, since that ritual, she has had peace the last two days but she is not sure how long it will last.

My only effort to help her was to set up a meeting for her with one of my senior dharma brothers. I know very little about ghosts and spirits but I know enough that they do exist, whether we admit to it or not. Now how to handle them, I am at a loss. I have been told that these spirits, good or bad probably want only one thing… to be happy and to be released from their present sufferings. Being a person of Buddhist faith, I believe that there are probably deeds and actions which we can take to assist these spirits. The meeting will take place sometime this week… Watch this space as the story continues…….

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