Thursday, June 14, 2007


Unless you are a vampire or an aspiring vampire, this might not interest you much. Or so many of us think.

I had lunch with a friend last Sunday and she asked me if I knew exactly the state of my health by just looking in the mirror. Well, I know that my health could be better, considering that I am “round” at the moment. Apparently, a person might look very athletic and slim, but he could be far from healthy. So, I asked her short of getting a full fitness and health check by the doctor, how can I tell if I am ok? She said “Let your blood tell you”. Hello, how do I do that? Cut my hand, let the blood flow and wait for it to talk to me?? She told me to meet her up at Taman Mayang Emas the following evening and she will introduce me to my blood and let it “talk to me”.

We met on Monday evening. She introduced me to this nutritionist and without so much as a how are you, glad to see me… she “jabbed” me. Ha lah. Seriously, she took a pen like thingy and just gave my finger a quick prick. Didn’t feel anything really. Drew a small drop of blood that would not even have drowned an ant, put in under a microscope and wallah.. saw this beautiful picture on the TV screen. Apart from a slight bit of cholesterol, the normal attack of free radicals… I am a rather healthy “round” person. Now, ain’t that a relief. I am so glad that I had this “conversation” with my blood. At least now that I know, I will continue to take care of me and make sure that I eat right, sleep right and exercise right.

Actually, it is true that you blood can tell you so much about your health. Check this out

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