Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey…ROUND is a shape too, you know :{

As I was leaving for the office yesterday evening, a guy from the next office also waiting for the lift with me asked “How many months pregnant are you?’. OUCH! & all the other colleagues turned and stared. Hey.. I know for a fact that I AM NOT PREGNANT. So, I answered him “I am NOT pregnant… just FAT lah!”. Hrumph!

As I was driving back, I thought to myself… I must be really putting the kilos on and lately I must admit that climbing up a flight of stairs does have me slightly winded. So, the minute I got back, I ran to the mirror and looked at myself … opps, I did look “kinda” pregnant if I viewed myself from the side. Hey, no lah..I just looked kinda ROUND. Round is not out of shape.. coz round is a shape what. Sigh… Ok lah round is a shape but not a very nice one on the body.

Decided to buck up, packed my shoes, and headed for the gym.. which I have not been for ages. Left my handphone in the locker and had a dozen missed calls. Called, sms-ed and told everybody later that I did not pick their calls coz I was in the gym.. Most laughed and some say “oh yeah? Tell the truth lah.. where are you?” Sigh.. my friends know me so well. Perhaps round is good shape to have after all… Sure beats looking like this …….

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