Friday, June 8, 2007

Here Comes Friday again :)

Well, well… it is Friday again and there are so many things to look forward to starting with tonight that I can’t wait for work to end at 5:30pm today. There will be a fantastic Buddhist Cultural & Arts Festival (BCAF) at the MINES. Check out this site for more info In fact it started on Wednesday, the 6th June 2007 and will be ending this Sunday. There will be so many exciting booths there and what is more important for me is that I will be there at 9pm tonight with the group from my dharma centre (Kechara House - to participate in a public chanting session. It would be fantastic if people could come, if not to join in the chanting, but merely to listen, as this will bring tremendously good merit to the listener.

Saturday is to run around to do errands and stuff and if time permits, I will be back at MINES, going round to watch the film shows and other fun events happening there. Must bring some money too as I think there will be lots of collectibles to COLLECT heehee.

On Sunday, I will be volunteering at one of our dharma outlets, Dzambala Mystical Trearsure ( at I Utama. If you happen to be there at 1U, do drop in as there are lots of interesting items to see there. Actually, if you are not goint to the MINES, or if you have already been there since they started on Wednesday, then do do drop by.. to keep me company lah :). Have a great weekend everybody!

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Unknown said...

Hi. Happy Friday to you!

Can't accompany you on next Sunday cos I shall be volunteering at The MINES. I'm toying with the thoughts of serving a shift (10am-4pm) or one full day (10am-10pm). My boss has rejected my replacement leave application for Monday (11 June) and replace it with subsequent week.

You have a great weekend ya!

Om Mani Padme Hum

p/s: what are the collectibles you collect?