Friday, June 22, 2007

A change of flavor :)

It is Friday again and since it is such a great day... let's change the pace a bit hor. No more scary, gory stuff for today. Just something silly, absolutely non provocative.. Just for a laugh or smirk or simply a snigger ( and it might earn me a free ride to Kamunting for an all paid holiday – most Malaysians will know what that is). But being a Friday, I am willing to throw caution into the wind heehee…

A colleague sent me this today and I felt that it was good to share. These are posters of the latest Malaysian movies which will be released in 2007, but I believe the movie censorship board might not approve them for viewing. .

Another dear friend sent me this little comic strip. Click on it to have a larger view.

Have a Great Weekend everybody!!!

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