Friday, February 29, 2008

Homemade chocolate cheesecake

Been ranting about being broke and waiting for payday to come... but yesterday, when it was payday, couldn't make it to the bank to withdraw money as it was raining and the jam was awful. So... no choice, went home and rummaged through the fridge to see what's left in there. Decided to make things simple and cooked fried riced with all the leftovers in the fridge. Then I spotted the cream cheese that I bought (extras you see.. just in case I failed the first round) to make the non-bake cheesecake to JW's gathering. That was all I canned peaches left, no oreos left (I ate the entire tube 2 days back), cannot make the non-baked cheesecake again. Looking through the old cookbooks I have at home and came up with this recipe which was simple and easy peasy. Quickly swallowed down the fried rice and started with the task at hand... my very first chocolate cheese cake :)

Got it done relatively quickly but the baking took a good 50mins. Whilst it was baking, I went to clean up and took a shower. When I came out...tada... it was all done. Took it out of the over, took a picture of it, stored it in a cool place and went to sleep.

When I took it out of the oven... the cake looked slightly lopsided hor?

This morning, when I went to check on it, it didn't look as fat and round as it did last nite. All the hot air has left the cake I reckon. Sliced it up.. pop in a big slice to fill my tummy and wrap up some for my test bunnies in the office.

But somehow.. it righted itself in the morning.... mmm...some little bakers' elfs came and corrected it overnight?? thank you wor :)

See... flat top wor

This was the piece that I kept safely...... inside my tummy haha

These are all wrapped up to be delivered to the test bunnies

Distributed most of it and now I have 2 pieces else would like to be a test bunny?

PS..dcyk was one of the test bunnies and he said that if he does not make it after eating a piece, he is going to will his handphone to me..... so, what have I got to loose wor...hey..if the 1st piece didn't get you dcyk, I've still got 2 more pieces on my table (*evil laughter*)

PSS..I'll try to post the recipe soon as I didn't bring it today.

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Dc said...

eat liao, i'm still standing and managed to post another very long very long very long post, no pics in the post yet, i think the link of the pics i gave you wasn't full, there was no dinner pics in there. :)

Dc said...

one funny thing i don't understand about google page rank, the time when i was hibernating, my page rank became 1

now i started posting 3 posts in a row, my page rank dropped back to N/A

strange but i dono how it works so i dun care ba

twosuperheroes said...

We want to be your test bunnies too!!! *throws tantrum* :p

Unknown said...

dcyk : awwwwhhhh...does this mean I am not getting the handphone??

twosuperheroes : how leh.. i also want you both to be my test bunnies? Can I fax the cake to you?? heehee

Babe_KL said...

kekekeke i stole 2 bites despite still full from my breakie... very nice la esp the cheese layer!!! still standing and no tummy ache hehe

next time cool the cake in the tin for a couple of minutes then remove and cool the cake on a rack. this will prevent shrinkage and the hot steam to evaporate off unless the instruction said to cool cake in the tin :p afterwards go shopping for the cooling rack ka??? :D

Quickening said...

Those look great Y! Any clues to the mysteries of loop-shaped cheese layer? You know, I imagine that eaten while still hot, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream would not go astray... ;)

Dc said...

hahaha the cake is already rich, adding another scoop of ice cream would make it sinfully richer, anyhow no NY you're not getting my handphone, it's just cheap stuff :P

tasy said...

Made me want to bake a cake now as well. I used to do that when I had more time in my hands. Now should be able to, but laziness already possessed me.

Unknown said...

babe : thank you for the tip..must not be lazy when we want a good looking cake..must remember that :)

quickening : the loop was created when I had a hiccup whilst spreading out the cheese layer lah. i think it was the uneven distribution of the cake batter..

dcyk : adding the ice cream is a great suggestion by quickening lah.. want to eat sinfully.. must go all the way...shucks.. you sure i am not getting the phone.. you sure this is not your evil twin posting in a comment??????

gargies : ahh.. laziness..i am very familiar with that word.. it happens to me all the time.. must have been the rain last night that worked the reverse on these lazy bones of mine :p

Dc said...

ya suddenly yozora is in a baking frenzy, hahaha all the better, we get to eat alot of stuff, ARGH she's stuffing us with lots of carbs, although delicious ones.

there's a saying, all delicious foods are high in carbs, you want to eat healthy or eat good?

Anonymous said...

NY thanks for the wonderful cake . WONT mind being your test bunny all the time if it was to taste this yummy.

Unknown said...

dcyk : haha.. maybe it is a phase thing lah..maybe I'll grow out of it..mmm...but what would I do on a rainy evening like last nite :p

sivakamy : you are most welcome.. but remember the risk of being a test bunny.. sometimes it may not be as nice .. sometimes....mmm.. what valuable thing do you have to will to me ah?? heehee

Babe_KL said...

OMG the test bunnies are waiting for something from me on Monday after checking my plastic bag!!! bad bunnies!!!! kekekeke

Unknown said...

haha.. that's test bunnies for you..good for us.. for the sake of improving our baking and cooking abilities... but I know what you are doing (making) this weekend ...yum yum in advance..:D

xniquet said...

wow, that looks really nice, how did you get the top so even? most of the time i bake it will crack :S

Elisha said...

wwaaahh, soo many comments! hahahah, lots of chocoholics out there! including me!

did you slice the cake in half then only spread the cheese? or bake it one shot?

i baked this chocolate cream cake once, and i had to slice it in half, spread the chocolate sauce thingy, then put the other half on top, so the cake is like neat and seimbang =)

hahah, i have no idea how to bake choc cheese cake!

kljs said...

Why never deliver to me? I want a chesse cake too!!!!
Just looking at the photo, makes my mouth water!!!

Unknown said...

x: hi..i think maybe it is in the eggs? I made sure I used the "L" sized eggs. Will post the recipe shortly and then you can try to see if it works this time :)

raising mercury: haha.. yup.. lots of chocoholics around.. but chocolate (& maybe a little love) makes the world go round :). btw.. i baked everything in one go. didn't have to slice the cake to put in the cream cheese

kenny : i scared if i send it by Pos (not) Laju, you'd get it many many weeks later :p

JJ Jason said...

it looks so yummy.
I am hungry...

Unknown said...

Hi JJzai...thank you for dropping in.. you've got a very cool blog. Hope to see you back :)