Monday, February 4, 2008

A great party, with great company and great food

JW organised a "makan" (eating get-to-gather) last Saturday at her spanking new condo. Invited us at least 2 weeks back and since then I have been thinking hard as to what to bring over. Since she said she was going to provide the main meal, my earlier intention of cooking the white pasta sauce had to be KIVed. Since there were kids there, I decided to make a really homemade Oreo cheesecake and some cookies.

Lookie all the gorgeous food.. some from EuroDeli, the duck is from the famous Setapak stall (so we were told by Winnie), the Tuna Potato cutlets were made by Casper

I remembered the Horlicks Doggie cookies which I saw some time back. It was posted by "Do What I Like" blogger. They were so very cute and it had what I thought was simple instructions... until I tried it. I think it must be difference in the ingredients and also the oven as I had to improvise some. I used super fine flour and my Hersey Chocolate Chips were a little too big for these doggies. How do I know? Coz my friend Winnie asked "Are these Panda cookies??". Anyway, the kids didn't buy it? There were 3 of them there but none of them ate the cookies. But the "older" kids... JW, Babe and Daff really helped themselves ...I am not sure if they gave any to Casper.

The doggies or are they Pandas?? The actual ones looks much much better at the "Do What I Like" blog

I also made a really homemade Oreo non-baked cheesecake. Why do I emphasize on the homemade? Coz as far as presentation went, that scored me an absolute perfect ZERO!. Absolutely non-existent artistic flair. I just plonked the bag of chopped Oreo cookies into the cheese filling and shucked it into the fridge and hoped for the best. Fed the cake to the test bunnies at the party and guess what.... saw JW's post and chatted with babe on MSN this morning...phew.. the test bunnies are still ok :)

The very much homemade Oreo Cheesecake

A very pretty and happy test bunny


Anonymous said...

I think the cheese cake was very nice. I brought home and my cousins came over and mom ask them if they want to eat the cheese cake. they ate it and insists to take some back. So excellent. So i think we will always order the cheese cake from you

Unknown said... pai seh lah..home made presentation at all :p..btw looking forward to the next makan session

twosuperheroes said...

Wow...Y!!!!!!!! We want a bite of your oreo cheesecake too... :(
Yum yum...Next time must make some for us too, ok?? Hehe..

Unknown said...

ooo..superheroes..your message has been received loud and clear :D.. next time when I make a more presentable cake, then I send you some.. Kong Xi Fa Cai my dear Supes

Babe_KL said...

i think i wont ask the cheesecake recipe from you, i will just ask a huge piece from you instead :p kekeke

Unknown said...

heehee..ok..only if the cheesecake looks more presentable that the last one.. :)

Anonymous said...

hey.... who cares about presentation as long as it taste good... proven by the baby test bunny!! who never sit so quietly at the dinner table b4!!

Unknown said...

Hi Casper... so nice to see you here :D.. the baby test bunny is the cutest and prettiest one I have so far.