Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend in fast forward!

I am not sure if there are many people like me.. I am normally so euphoric during Fridays that I will plan to do a million things during the weekend, but when Sunday night came, I would realize that hey.. where did the weekend go??? This was exactly one of those weekends for me.

As I was driving back from work on Friday, I was planning in my head all the things that I will be doing and cooking. I even had it listed by the day. By the time I got home.. I was almost ready to get started but..haha.. it was raining by the time I had finished my shower and washing my hair, I decided to take a nap..which turned out to be a long sleep. By the time I got up, it was 7am the next morning.

Everything was a blur of activity after that. The plumber came at 9am and he took the entire morning to fix the piping, made Jelly for the niece and nephews, went to do the weekly grocery shopping , paid the utilities, clean dogs, rabbits, sugar gliders' pooh...phew and in the midst of all this.. still remembered to dunk some pulut (glutinous) rice into a bowl to be soaked. The intention was to cook it for Sunday morning's breakfast.

Sunday morning came.. another blur of activities started. My uncle in Ipoh was hospitalized again...rather serious as it started with his 2nd bypass before Chinese New Year.. followed on by
an amputation of his little toe during his recovery. Being diabetic probably resulted in this. However, two weeks into recovery (he was still in the hospital), his other toes started to turn black. Hence, the doctor advised to amputate the rest of his toes (same leg).

Last week, uncle's leg was turned into a stump as it turned gangrene and the doctor had to remove his leg up to his knee area. All this cost almost close to RM60,000 and the story has not ended yet. Yesterday, he was re-admitted back into the hospital again as he is having difficulty breathing. Sigh... I really feel so much for my auntie, who has been by his side since the start.

When Sunday drew to a close, I realized that I still got my bowl of pre-soaked glutinous rice waiting for me. It was 10:45pm already? Should I or should I not?.....

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