Monday, February 4, 2008

The Year of the Earth Rat Starts today!

Chinese New Year eCards are flying over the internet and everybody assumes that the new year of the Rat will start on the 7th February 2008. But in the study of Feng Shui, the year of the Earth Rat actually starts tonight after 7pm on the 4th of February 2008. The 4th day of February signifies the coming of Spring in the Chinese Solar Calender. The 7th February 2008 signifies the new moon in the Chinese Lunar Calender. So, if one is concerned about their luck for this coming year, then the Rat arrives tonight.

This is the Bazi Chart which is plotted using the Online Tools off the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics Website. It probably makes no sense to those who are not in the study of Chinese Metaphysics. The reason why I added it to this post look a little bit more authentic..hehehe

But after saying that, luck (whether good or bad) does not happen like the water off a tap.. where you turn on or off. The year of the Boar tapers off whilst the Rat moves in subtly. Just because you heard over the radio that you have abundant good luck in the year of the Rat, do not put all your savings on the poker table during your sessions during the new year. It really does not work that way.

I was listening over the radio this morning and there was a Feng Shui master who was doing predictions for the year and for those individuals who sms-ed in their hour and date of birth. It was rather interesting as different feng shui masters uses different techniques and interpretation to derive their readings. But my advice is whatever you hear or read, do not be fixated. The bazi readings are only to give you a guide to life. It shows you your potential. How you live this life is something you have control over, either through your actions or non-actions.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and all who happen to drop in a wonderful and happy New Year of the Earth Rat!

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KY said...

gong xi fa chai!

Unknown said... are the first of my blogger friends to wish me that...xie xie.. and Kong Xi Fa Cai to you to ky :)