Thursday, February 21, 2008

Move Over Samy...for Allan and Indi...

I simply love these 2 Indian fellas ...Allan and Indi of Comedy Court. I was surfing around YouTube and chanced upon some of their latest uploads. Quite humorous and really, if these 2 fella were running for the elections this round, they will surely get my vote... I'd be laughing all the way to the polling station and back.

Check Three Times

Rough Little Indian Boys

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Elisha said...

i managed to watch the rough little indian boys video =) the top one, im still waiting for it to download.. gosh i like this.. spreading the news through comedy! its like humorous free speech, definitely gets the point across.. well done! gosh i wonder if they'll get in trouble.. nowadays, the ISA is pinning down anyone they can.. =( hate how our nation is slowly getting worse..

tasy said...

well sung! very funny, i agree...

Unknown said...

raising mercury : i am glad you enjoyed it :). I don't think so dearie, about the getting into trouble bit coz there are now more and more of us with the same thoughts and feelings as allan & place left at Kamunting if they catch us all..heehee..have to ship us to a place maybe half the size of Malaysia :p

gargies : i hope you are feeling better now.. from your sinus thingy. take care!

kljs said...

Stop believing in the system..... or something like that....

Unknown said...

8th March is when we exercise our rights and make our votes count :)

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