Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What the CRAB!!! They are huge!

Before JW left for Greener Pastures Sdn Bhd, she promised us that she will buy us a good meal at Restaurant King Crab after her 1st paycheck ... to replace the bottle of Champagne that she was supposed to open (heehee.. this was definitely a much better deal for us) and she came true to her promise.

Last nite, the few of us, including Babe were invited over at 7pm. I really felt like Ah Lian or some country bumpkin Ah Fa who has never ever seen such species of crustaceans ever before in her entire life. I was virtually gaping with mouth open looking at them and they were probably looking back and say "who's that idiot with a black hole for a mouth out there watching us??" They were just huge.

Whilst waiting for JW, I took the opportunity to snap some pics of these beauties. I was rather glad we didn't order any of them to be place on our table. They were just too beautiful to be eaten.

This shop must have taken at least 2 to 3 shop lot space. There are tanks lined up on either side of one of the entrances

This is the very impressive lot of crusties .... beats any of the public aquarium places I've been :)

I think these were called Snow Crabs


Chinese words... how is a "banana" expected to read this sign??

Isn't this a beauty?

This is the partner to the one above...they are both from Tasmania...Australia

Apart from the shark (for it's fin) most China-men and women are very well acquainted with these yum-yums

More friends from Australia

After the crabs and prawns, these poor fishies came up poor seconds, like the supporting casts in a great movie.

I'll put up our dinner dishes in the next post as this post must be dedicated to these creatures of beauty. It was a great meal with good company and I hope to do that more often but maybe going "dutch" the next time. Thanks JW.... it was simply a great first time for me at this restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I love crabs. Should try that restaurant when I am in KL!

twosuperheroes said...

I've never seen abalones like that an aquarium! Haha...Niceeee... :p

Unknown said...

jam : must. but make sure you check the prices of those items swimming in the tanks first.. they can really burn a hole in your wallet :D

twosuperheroes : actually they look slimy and yucky ... but they tastes heavenly :D

Unknown said...


蚵仔麵線Jeff said...