Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Time to shift my seating position :)

As most of you already know, the Year of the Earth Rat arrived yesterday at 7:30pm. And guess what, this year, I am really going to practice what I preach. This was really triggered by what my ex-Managing Director said to me a few weeks ago during lunch time. He said "Things have not been going to well for you lately has it?". Not sure if he meant it as a joke or whether he was serious as what he said did hit the nail on the head. After thinking about it, I realized that yeah.. i could calculate where the auspicious stars seated and where a person should locate himself or herself, especially for those who have come to seek advice from me. But as for myself, I definitely was not practicing what I preached.

For the whole of last year, I was actually seated in a position which promoted arguments and relationship problems. I must say that that was oh so true. There have been cold wars and hot wars. They were definitely unpleasant but as I was also living out the year of the boar, which was my "emptiness" year, I was probably caught in a period of being confused and lost. But as the boar left, clarity came back. As I am writing this post, I already have my compass out and have marked out the auspicious sector where I am going to located my table. I cannot really request for a new office spot but the least I can do with this limitation is to change the seated and facing direction of my office table.

This is the position of the various auspicious stars and inauspicious stars for the year 2008. Normally people used the annual flying stars positions to maximize short-term good feng shui energies. All one has to remember is that the most auspicious positions by virtue of the Qi positioning is the East and the South East Sector, or even the centre. But it would rather be ridiculous to seat or to sleep in the middle of the room. The numbers 8, 9 and 1 are where the auspicious stars are located.

If you are seated in the East or South East Sector and also facing any of these two positions will be what we call having fine-tuned the seating position.

What I intend to do would be to place my table in either the East or the South East position. If I don't do that, I am likely to find myself still in a very argumentative state plus deteriorated health. A little bit of effort is all I need to do. No need to ask the company for budget to add furniture or do any renovations. And I am certainly not going to place any items or feng shui objects onto my already work cluttered table :).

Well.. (rolling up sleeves getting ready to move table).. here's to a much better year of the Earth Rat for me :)

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Babe_KL said...

sighhh at least you can shift your desk LOL... look at my pathetic seat plus the non-stop "for kai" boasts :(

Unknown said...

poor babe.. but if my estimates are correct, would you be facing south? if that is the case, you would be seated with the Duke in your sector.. that is very auspicious too. When you are in discussions or negotiations, this is the winning position to take.

Elisha said...

yozora nite sky? heheh, cute blogger id =) happy chinese new year hunny! just thought id drop by and say hi, found your blog through blogrush..hugs!

Unknown said...

hi raising mercury. thank you for dropping in. my id? heehee.. that was given to me by a friend who sadly has gone MIA :(. Wishing you a fantastic year of the Earth Rat yeah..hugz too :)

chenboon said...

Happy Chinese New Year!
I also wish I can sift my desk...
Or, any suggestion for the room's fengshui?

Unknown said...

Kong Xi Fa Cai Chenboon. I have already shifted my table and chair to the East sector. The best sector to locate your table & chair or your bed would be the East and the South East sector for this year. That should be a good start :)