Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crystals' been helping me zzzzzz

Since the beginning of this year, or was it end of last year, my dear friend Tobiyama has been very interested in Crystals and the healing powers that they were purported to have. He has been going to this place called Lightworks and has invested in a fair bit of these crystals. He gave some to me in a bag and I have been carrying them in my handbag since then. Shhhh.. don't tell him but at first when he gave it to me, I was not really thinking too much about the healing potentials of them.. rather, I look at them as weapons... they were sure prettier to put in my handbag than bricks :), in case I need to wallop a thief or two should they stop me for my handbag.

I have been feeling tired and sleepy in the mornings for the longest time and I have put this down to having rather restless nights, with dreams of which some I can remember, some which I cannot recall at all when I wake up. So, I decided.... nothing to loose but try to see if the crystals can help. So, what I was told to do was first, to reiki these crystals first and then place them under my pillow. Surprisingly, I didn't feel them when I slept on the pillow. Maybe it is because I am using this wonderful "therapy" pillow which is contoured to take the shape of your neck and head. Wonderful pillow...only RM15 plus pillowcase. Got it at IKEA.

Wow... every night since then, sleep has been wonderful. I just "switch off like a light" and when morning came, I would wake up fresh. No dreams or no recollection at all of any dreams (if I had any at all) and the body felt totally rested. There are plenty of websites on Crystal Healing but I found this page rather interesting.

These days, for me its "Have crystals will travel". Wherever I go, my bag of crystals goes with me. HeeHee..after food....sleep is the most important thing to me...(oink oink..grunt, grunt).

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Iced Nyior said...
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Iced Nyior said...

before i comment, i'd like to say i really like your CNY banner. its so cute.

What kind of crystals did your friend give to you? I got an anklet of crystals as well but most of it is for calming.

Life seems to be a lot more calmer and peaceful these days, not really sure if its all in my head or the crystals are helping. i think its a bit of both

Unknown said...

hi iced nyior.. thank you for dropping in and your comments on the banner :D. I have been given 6 different Amethyst (purple), a Rose Quartz (pink), a Carnelian (orange), a Hematite (black), I think the blue one is a Sodalite and I cannot remember the green one :p..I was told by a blogger friend River of Karma that crystals do have healing powers :)

Elisha said...

i have trouble sleeping too.. are you sure it works? i have a bit of a problem trusting crystals =( your bf would be very unhappy with me for sure! do update yeah if it still works for you, sometimes i think its more of like inspiration tools? but its mostly you who is doing the work? haha... update me yeah, seriously! hugs

Babe_KL said...

:O yohh no wonder yr handbag snapped :p

twosuperheroes said...

hey,Y..I guess there IS something to these crystals eh..haha..I've got my wrists all full with 'em! The real crystals purportedly really have these "powers" but not those cheap fake ones..I have mine custom-made... *grins* :p

Unknown said...

raising mercury : my opinion really.. crystals do help but I believe that there are lots of other things involved too in getting a good sleep. Eat well, exercise daily, drink lots of water, meditate (if you can), always look the brighter side of things and keep a good circle of friends :)... then you'll sleep like a baby. Hugs back

babe : haha.. yeah.. that's one of the reasons.. 2nd reason is .. it's a damn el-cheapo bag lah..:D

superheroes : oh yeah.. i do agree with you. the real ones can be rather powerful. the little ones are very pretty on the wrists but for healing, we need bigger "rocks". when i find one that brings me $$, I'll wear that around my neck :p

River of Karma said...

Howdy folks,
Yea, Crystals do have properties tho not necessarily just healing. Some open chakra(s), some protect, etc etc. Each one vibrate diff and thus have a diff property. I think you reiking the crystals might have helped.

Caveat tho is that if you pick a crystal that doesnt match you, it can go the other way. But you can ask the person who's selling them which matches you.

Have fun folks.

Unknown said...

hi river of karma.. thanks for dropping in.. and thanks for the comments too....there is so much about crystals that I have yet to learn:)