Monday, February 18, 2008

Chinese Lion Dance at MidValley

I was chatting with my friend MH and he told me that it was so festive at one of the hotels he was working in as there was a big troupe of lion dancers who were performing for the hotel guests. And it was already the 8th day of the Chinese New Year and I have not seen even one performance... those on TV is not counted.... lion dances have to watched live to enjoy the full festive spirit of the dance. Grunt grunt...complain complain.

On Saturday my usual day of rushing around doing my weekend grocery shopping at Mid Valley, the minute I walked in, I heard the familiar sounds of thumpings and clashings of the lion dance troupe's drums and cymbals. I quickly rushed up to the Centre Court and there they were. The troupe with 2 lions.

I simply love the lions. They are so majestic yet so graceful. This is due to the martial art skills of the people holding up the lions. I have loved them from young and I am always awed at the agility of the performers. My heart would beat in unison with every beat of the drums and cymbals that accompanied the lions.

The crowd was rather thick at Mid Valley's Centre Court. Took a few shots with my camera phone and then went upstairs to take another few shots.

Now I am happy... at least I caught 1 dance before the end of this Chinese New Year celebration.

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Joyce Wong said...

My office area got a lot. Infact this morning the office downstairs had one.

King crab also have one this morning.

Unknown said...

did you go down to watch?

Joyce Wong said...

yes but the lion dancing inside the office so cant see. That day there was one in the next door. that one got jumping.. so we ate makmak so can see