Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Lovely Meal at Restaurant King Crab

Following from the previous post, I just have to share with you the great food we had at Restaurant King Crab. JW order some simple dishes but they were so yummy that we did what was called the "mei yan chiu kean" (pretty lady viewing herself in a mirror - heehee literally translated from cantonese). It means that the dishes were so cleaned and polished that it can be used as a mirror :).

Egg Foo Yong

Deep fried shelled prawns

Stir fried vegetables (JW, was this Hong Kong Kai Lan?)

Calamari (deep fried sotong )

Stew pork with mui choy (preserved mustard greens)

This is their address (too lazy to type it out)...

For their official website, click here.

And if you want to more reviews on this Restaurant , go to either Lots of Cravings' blog or Precious Pea's. Great pictures of the crab and prawn dishes there.

There were 5 of us and we really did a great job polishing off all the food under 15 minutes. But we were there much longer as it was great to catch up but more than that... we truly enjoy being in each other's company and bitching about everything under the sun. It is good sometimes to do that.. release stress....Looking forward to doing the same again...soon.

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Joyce Wong said...

Hope you all were full. I was a distracted by the meeting in office so I forgot to order the yee sang. haha.. next year la

Unknown said...

Oh yeah.. sure was full...never mind abt the yee you say.. there is always next year :). Thank you again

Babe_KL said...

thank you joyce, it was scrumptious! loved the thai chilli sauce which went well with the deep fried dishes.

now need to find another candidate to be "wat" hehehe

twosuperheroes said...

Wow..the stew porky so fat uh, Y...Hehe..*looking at my waistline, shakes head* :p

Joyce Wong said...

haha.. next time we go to a place can pantai seafood. it is near my house .. hard for me to describe that place but the food is quite good and not too expensive and pack with ppl.

Unknown said...

babe : haha..not many ppl left to "wat" lor.. worse case we go dutch lah..or wait for birthday celebs

twosuperheroes : oh yeah.. must have fatty parts to make it tasty and smooth..that was super yummy :D

joyce : anywhere is good.. it is mostly the company too... next time must get casper and fei toi too