Monday, February 25, 2008

Taking the Easy Way...

There is always the long way and there is the short cut... there is the more complex way and there is the simple way.

I was actually looking at recipes on Fatt Koh (Huat Kueh) last week and I found a fair number of good ones. Wanted to make some to be placed next to the ancestors' tablet....coz my late dad loves fatt koh. The ones that impressed me the most came from Cooking Momster's blog, Lily's blog and Florence's blog. They have fantastic looking Fatt Kos ... lookie at the photos which I "flicked" from their blogs....

Cooking Momster's Fatt Kohs

Lily's Fatt Kohs

Florence's Fatt Kohs

When it came to making it on Saturday, I found out that I am always short of one or two of the ingredients... sigh.. or I didn't have enough "lead" time to make it... heehee.. one of the recipes required me to "mature" the mixture over night. After rummaging through the kitchen cabinet, found this bag of pre-mix which I bought before chinese new year. Took it out and read the instructions... yippee... simple and easy peasy.. coz all it wanted was eggs and milk (no milk, water also can). So, I chose the fast and simple way...and hopefully the fatt kohs turn out (fingers crossed coz I confidently told mum not to buy fatt koh from the market today as I was going to make them).

The premix. I think this only cost RM4.50

The first batch, I made pink coz my little niece loves all things pink

The rest were experiments with colors :)

Well, they didn't look as great as those real mcCoys by the 3 food bloggers but when you want simple and quick... this is what you can do... get the premix (I've got mine from Bake with Yen but I think you might be able to find it at the supermarkets too).

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Elisha said...

huat kueh? fatt kohs? it looks like the malay kuih called apam... not apam balik which is the one that looks like this crispy brown paper thing with kacang in it, but apam... i wonder if its the same thing...

i used to cook lotsa lotsa stuff, baking cakes, cookies and stuff, but then hehehehe, i started packing on the pounds! because i like to makan my own stuff..

oh yeah, we usually eat apams with those kelapa thingies.. dried kelapa? dunno what its called though.. on its own, it taste pretty much like a sweetish dryish bao bun!

Unknown said...

raising mercury : yah.. i think it does say apam on the packet. you want to know a secret? get loads of test bunnies to eat the stuff you make so that if you turn fat.. there will be plenty of fat (but happy) bunnies around you to make a community... and make "fat" the in thing haha..