Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The season to eat and eat and some more

Apart from the pregnancy period (women only ah... sorry guys), the festive season is the only good time to eat a lot and look fat, without people commenting too harshly about it... coz all you need to do is look at the mirror and you'll get to meet Mr or Ms Blubber in person (smirk).

After the first day of Chinese New Year, where the obligatory visitations are almost done, the rest of the days are more more of informal meetups and gatherings, with the highlight of each event being obviously the food.

On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, after a short break on the 2nd day of eating the leftovers from the reunion dinner dishes and the large plate of vegetarian dish served on the 1st day, one of my brothers suggested that we take a drive to Pandamaran for dinner. I'm always game for any dinner, especially when my brother volunteered to pick up the tab for it :).

It was a good drive up to Klang as the traffic was easy. We started off about 6pm and managed to reach in about 30 minutes, despite getting lost inside a housing estate. There were 8 adults (including my mum's maid) and 3 kiddos. We decided not to order the sets as they seemed a bit too much for us (even though we ...grunt...can eat like hogs). Ala Carte it was then.

The "must-have" Yee Sang..coz that is my favourite :)

This is Tofu Kang, a thick soup made of tofu.. the poor man's version (or should I say the environmentalist's version) of shark fin soup

What I can grab off the plate of Ho Chian, fried oysters.

Fried Kai Lan in garlic

Sweet and Sour Garoupa (I know I know.. dun look much like a fish... but this time I was too slow and the family got to the fish before I got to my camera phone)

Marmite Chicken

The quantity was just right this time... unlike the order we made for our reunion dinner ... which is another story.. a long hot meal by the roadside.

The total came up to slightly less than RM200. There was complimentary jelly which the kids loved more than any of the dishes we order. Thanks bro for a jolly good meal... anytime you need an extra stomach.. you know where to get me :)

This is the address of the restaurant :

Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa (HALAL)
Add: 1354 Jalan Nipah, Lorong 4, Pandamaran, Port Klang
Tel: +603 3168 4451

Picture "borrowed" from Rasa Rasa Malaysia

Reviews on this restaurant can be found at Rasa Rasa Malaysia and Jules Eating Guide to Malaysia

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twosuperheroes said... really like yee sang uh, Y..This is like the dunno how many times I've seen a yee sang post in your blog already! Haha..the two of us only had 1 yee sang serving so far... :p

Unknown said...

ohhh yeah.. there is the cookie monster and now you meet the yee sang monster....gimme gimme more yee sang...shucks.. only 8 more days before end of CNY.. and end of yee sang until the next CNY (panic)