Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making Cookies ... Fast, Simple and Hassle Free

Recently I have been trying to make chocolate chip cookies using various recipes..from books and from those published by the food bloggers. Some worked better than others but most of them involved some measuring and weighing. For one with rather limited cooking utensils and not that great an oven, it could be a rather lengthy affair.

Last Saturday, after going out almost the entire day, I finally managed to make it home at about 10:30pm. I wanted to make a batch of cookies for my friend to bring to his brother the next day. Mmm..luckily I remembered that I have a bag of preMix in the kitchen cabinet... Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chips.

You can pick this up at any supermarket at roughly RM10+

All I needed was a stick of butter (haha..that was easy coz I checked this the last time after talking to babe_kl). A stick of butter is roughly 125gm, which is half a block of a 227gm of Anchor butter. Plus 1 egg and I am ready to go.

Followed the instructions to the T (which was only 3 lines heehee). It saids, "Beat-Drop-Bake" and it was really as easy as that. This is definitely a must try for my friend Superhero S of A Tale of Two Superheroes. But as I am rather a Nut(ty) person, I added a whole bag of strips into the cookie mixture.

Give everything a good mix and best part is you can chuck in everything together and mix it all up in one go.

This is my 2nd batch.. see the oily marks on the baking paper already :p

This is the packet of Almond Strips which I poured in

I had to bake the cookies in about 4 batches as my oven was very small (at 180C coz the pack did not specify oven heat... or maybe eyes blur.. missed out that little instruction).

One to the finished product...

....note that they are much thinner than those shown on the box.. wanted to make more than what the instructions suggested ... I think the box said 9 to 12 pieces.. I've got more than 20 :)

By the time I finished, it was only slightly past midnite. Not bad wor.. haha.. I mean the time taken to do it. Plus the cookie tasted quite yummy.. in fact much nicer than one recipe which I did (which turned out to be a mite too sweet). My conclusion... preMixes are great too.. especially if you are short of time and have insufficient cooking utensils :)

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twosuperheroes said...

okay...HAHHAHA...now this is MUCH easier. But Y, do u mind explaining to me the purpose of the oily stains on the baking paper? Isit from the yet-to-be-baked cookies or did you put it intentionally?? Sorry for sounding a bit "pak chi"..haha..because I'm really blur when it comes to baking! :p

Anonymous said...

oh.. i miss yr cookies la...rather i miss being one of your tester. BTW.. my parens made the fry yam thing.. if u free maybe we can meet on fri .. give me a buzz... i probably be at 1U or the curve with li sha.

kljs said...

send me one lar!!!


Unknown said...

twosuperheroes : the stains came from the 1st batch of cookies..i recycled the baking paper :p...the stains are from the butter

jw : ooo..don't worry..we can always meet up for dinner..maybe with ken. Will sms you if I am around those places yeah!

kljs : heehee..you come to kl lah..then i give you 1 jar