Monday, January 21, 2008

Feeling very Vulturish

Vultures..from young, we have always associated these creatures to be always waiting... waiting for what? For their next meal of course :). And that was exactly how I felt one nite last week at Ikano Power Station. I was there to check out Harvey Norman's and as I walked past this little sushi shop called Kanki Sushi, I remembered that they normally "lelong" (auction) of their sushi towards the end of the day. I reckon that is good as customers will then be assured of freshly made sushi the very next day.

As I walked by, it must have been after 6pm but before 7pm. Noticed from afar that their little sign board had 30% written on it. Walked a little closer just to be sure. Yup.. only, decided to go up to Harvey's first.

Shortly after that.. came down from Harvey's walked by the little shop again..nope..still 30%.

This time, went over to Red Envelope and browse around inside the shop. Ha Ha.. want to play the vulture but a little too pai seh (embarrassed) to actually stand in front of the shop to wait.

Finally, finished at Red Envelope at about 9ish.. happy to see this signboard.

Swooped in and collected some of the remaining sushi... not too bad wor.. got some great stuff at about RM24.60 but after discount only paid RM12.30.... YYUUMMY and cheap...burppp!!

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twosuperheroes said...

WOW..Y! We seriously dunno what to say...!! Haha.. :p

twosuperheroes said...

WOW..Y! We seriously dunno what to say...!! Haha.. :p

Unknown said...

cheapskate.. glutton...mmm.. these are some of the names my friends have called me ;)