Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking forward to watching these shows soon

I was surfing around the various blogs reading these bloggers' reviews about some of the shows that are currently in the cinemas. So, far, I have picked these 3 as the DEFINITELY TO WATCH ones for me.

Starting off with Jarum Halus. The story is basically about Friendship, Love, Jealousy, Suspicion, Betrayal and Murder. Read the synopsis in detailed and felt that the plot is rather interesting. Support local productions ... yeah.

This is the official clip of Jarum Halus.

The next one that I would like to watch is a rather strange one.. a typical Edward Scissor hand type show... of course, by the same actor.. Johnny Depp..Sweeney Todd. NEVER FORGET. NEVER FORGIVE.... brrrrr. Went to check out the official website and found the soundtrack to be quite good. This is starting to look a little bit like a musical.. a Moulin Rouge type.. perhaps much heavier.

CJ7... now this is going to be a slightly different one from Steven Chow. He claims that this is not his typical slapstick type of flick. This I really got to see wor.. haha..Hard to imagine him not doing slapstick comedy.

Not too much chance of catching them this weekend as I will be attending a Feng Shui seminar again this Sunday. Maybe next week.. just before the CNY. BTW, CJ7 will only be aired starting the 1st day of CNY. Will post my verdict of these shows after I've watched them... but for the time being.. they do look very promising :)

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twosuperheroes said...

WOW...looks like someone is getting ready for a movie marathon eh... :p

Unknown said...

haha... talk only lah.. maybe end up watching DVDs (from the pasar malam kind)... :p

twosuperheroes said...

haha...WAH..like that also can ar..might as well go download..FOC ma.. :p

kljs said...

can't wait for CJ7....... the rest.... bleh.... really...


Unknown said...

twosuperheroes : do you know that i am really a "cripple" when it comes to downloading stuff from the internet.. esply movies and songs. I rely very much on dcyk (Deric, my friend :D )

kljs : Yeah.. CJ7.. but you should think about Sweeney Todd lah.. I think I am going to enjoy that one :)

kljs said...

If Sweeney Todd is shown without the dancing and singing, then I will watch...... I don't like those Broadway singing movies..... except for The King and I (the older movie) and The Sound of Music.

Unknown said...

oic.. then you probably did not watch movies like Moulin Rouge too :).. that one I watch coz I love the songs