Friday, January 18, 2008

Life is a Rollercoaster...

Hey.. who said (sang) that???

But it is so true though. One day, it could be dark and stormy.. heehee.. no lah.. not that drama lah.. just had 2 little nicks to my car (previous post) one day..and the next.. it is bright and sunny and you get 3 free meals...oolala.

Yesterday was that just that kind of day. In the morning, JW asked me for breakfast near our office. Didn't take any photos of the breakfast as I didn't know that she was going to treat me. HeeHee.. should have had more than my nasi lemak packet and 2 eggs and thanks JW for breakfast.

When lunch time came, JW told me that she had to go to Jalan Tun Sambantan 2 to pick up some accounting books for her sister. On the way, picked up babe_kl. After picking up the books, since we were already in the area famous for indian cuisine of banana leaf rice (Brickfields area ma), we wanted to try the Restaurant Central but there was no car park space. So, I suggested that we ate at a yummy and very reasonable eating place called Restaurant Sin Kee (this is a oh-so-NOT-HALAL place though). The shop is very easy to find. Just drive along Brickfields with KL Central on your right and you won't be able to miss the shop which is on your left. Found a great post on this restaurant from Notes from Venus.

Look out on your left when you are passing KL Central on your right in Brickfields

We ordered 3 super yummy dishes to eat with rice. Had chinese tea to go with our meal. When the bill came, babe_kl insisted on paying as this was JW's last day with us at our company. Thanks babe_kl for a wonderful lunch. Btw, the bill came to RM36. I thought that was quite reasonable. If you go with a bigger crowd, then a meal there sometimes comes up to less than RM10 per person.

Sweet & Sour Pork

Stir Fried Kai Lan in garlic

Sin Kong Tau Foo

In the evening, I had a date with 2 great guys. I say this not just because they were buying dinner ;) .. some more at Victoria Station (dying to go there since reading two superheroes' post) but basically they are good friends. One is an close friend from my Uni days and the other is an friend whom I used to work with and who is now my Uni friend's staff. We went to the Medan Damansara outlet. The staff there were warm and friendly and the ambiance was wonderful and when a gal is with her best friends... what more does she want wor ??

Dining in the 1st class coach

Starters - Escargots baked in cheese

My Fisherman's Platter

Ribeye Steak

A sizzling Chef's recommendation.. yummy

And Desserts... my favourite..... apple pie with ice cream, a banana split and the House Special..

What a wonderful day it was yesterday... (even though it was JW's last day with the company... but I always say.... better to be great friends than just colleagues)... wonder when will such a day come again... soon, I hope :)

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Supergirlfriend said...

WOW......what a feast you had there, yozoranitesky!!

You seem to know all the good places to eat eh. You're making me envious..c'mon, let's go makan together sometime...hahahah.. :p

Unknown said...

ooo..yeah..a feast made up of one continuous day of eating hor... yah lah.. we must go out makan one day.. tog with superheroes and some of the other bloggers...i like it.. :D

twosuperheroes said...

haha...wowoowowowowow....someone makan at Victoria Station wor...miss the steak there..OH my lobster! :p

oh..wan to makan together prob..heh heh.. :)

Unknown said...

Just came from L'abeille's blog.. maybe when someone kena the 2666 magic bean number.. we can all go out for big big makan yeaaaahhh :D

Babe_KL said...

It has been my pleasure. Counting the days to our next big meal kekeke

Unknown said...

babe_kl.. yeah...we'll organize something soon..:)