Monday, January 21, 2008

Grandma from Hell!

I have always thought that most if not all grandmas love and spoil their grandchildren until they are rotten to the core. Until I "met" this grandma across from my place.

Actually I have never met the grandma in person but I hear her voice almost every day, be it weekday or weekend. She hardly every talks in a normal tone of voice. She is perpetually screaming on the top of her lungs and the receiving end is a kid or kids. I know from the "conversations" that it is never an argument with adults as there is always only whimpering, sobbing or whining in between the screaming and shouting. Perpetually it is about "eating the meals too slowly", "fighting over toys", "not doing homework" or something or other. So, far.. it has been only verbal abuses and punishments. I don't think its physical. If I sense that physical punishments starts being meted out, I'll be the first one to call the police in.

At times, these verbal abuses starts getting at me too.. not only the little kids. Imagine on a weekend, when one is trying to relax and read the papers.... "HURRY UP AND TAKE YOUR BATH..... HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO TURN OFF THE TV....DON'T HIDE YOUR BROTHER'S TOY CAR.. BRING IT OUT ...NOW!!...". I feel like marching over and slap her silly.... just one of these days......

Actually after posting this, I want to check out some blogs and stumbled upon this very interesting blog by ShowdowFox. A bit long but very interesting...and it had made be conclude that the Grandma may not be from Hell after all.. just a Mental case :)


Dc said...

can i say this sounds exactly like my dad talking to my nephews and nieces, i beh tahan, sometimes i scold him back, u want u put a hand in and stop them, don't just yell at the top of your voice

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

You have a very interesting and intellectual blog. :)

I also like the way you use a lot of pictures to convey your message.

Unknown said...

dcyk : yeah.. yelling does not solve everything leh..oh well..sure hope that when we grow old.. we won't turn out just like them :(

shadowfox : Your blog's a great read that I have subscribed to it lipw :) and have linked you too.