Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wonderful distractions :)

Watching the documentary on the Faces of Death was a little upsetting, if one was watching it for the first time. I was watching it for the second time, so it was not really that bad. We were watching it in the company of 2 little precious fur balls named Yogi and Zamkar. Yogi (Rinpoche’s Schnauzer) and Zamkar (Paul’s white baby Schnauzer) were very good little doggies coz before we started on the documentary, they were playing chase at the lounge area. They were playing with this squeaky toy that was loud and a pain to the ears. But when the documentary started, they both sat down… of coz there was plenty of willing hands giving tickles, cuddles, tummy rubs. I was giving them reiki healing as well. These are some shots of how contented and happy they both are.

Paul was sharing that some of these pedigrees could have been high practitioners in their previous life but because they have broken their vows, they were reborn as dogs but well taken care of dogs. That is why most of them are intelligent and very teachable. My monsters at home were actually monsters in their previous lives. I know coz the neighbours have been wanting to put out rewards on their heads as they bark and bark for no apparent reasons in the middle of the nite or mornings. I hope it is not because they are seeing sentient beings from the other dimension ... brrrr..

I miss them both already!!!!

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