Tuesday, July 3, 2007

At the movies ;)

Monday nites have always been set aside for prayers (Setrap Puja) at our dharma centre at Sunwaymas Commercial Centre. But yesterday, there was what we call “Yee Cheung” - 2nd Session. What this meant was that after the first activity (the prayers), we had another activity following that.

Our very kind Guru gave us a treat to the movies. Wan organized it all. She rounded 10 of us plus herself ( the 10 were Joy, Justin, Maggie, KB, Rajendra, Mitra, James, Tamara (she is Rinpoche’s friend from Australia, and she is now our friend too), Chris and mua) skillfully from Kechara House to the GSC cinema.

When we were at the lobby, Wan said “What would you like to have, hotdogs, popcorn, coke or juice or all of the above” It is Rinpoche’s treat”. Wow..Thank you Guru.

We watched the movie “Alone” and I found this interesting website this morning http://www.faddthemovie.com/eng/flash/mainAlone.html. This is a horror movie which looked into the life of a surviving twin coming home to find her dead twin waiting for her so that they will never be parted. We all enjoyed to movie very much as there was an unusual twist to the story at the end. However, some of us had rather tired hands after the show. Why, coz we had it up most of the time covering our eyes and mouth. Ha Ha.. actually it is not really that scary, depending on who you are seated next to in the movie. My neightbour was not covering her mouth, so her little screams were more horrifying than what the show had to offer as scare tactics. Thanks Maggie for stopping my heart a few times during the movie.


miss tam said...

Hi, Tamara here!
Just got home to Australia.. had such a great time with you all - as for the movie, i admit i watched some of it peaking through my fingers, ha!
take care xo

Unknown said...

Hi Tamara,
So very happy to see you again. Yeah, i am sure most of the rest were watching it with eyes semi-opened too. Hope to have you back soon.
Take care yeah?
Hugs, Love and Kisses