Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How to Blog and make money!

I had lunch today with my friend, babeinthecitykl and we talked about nothing in particular and nothing included the current high profile Altantuya murder trial, our Pak Lah making a boo boo by not wearing the right colored tie to work, Indie movies (independent movies.. not Indian as in bollywood movies lah) and much more, including the movie I watched last nite. You’d be surprise as to the wide range of topics we covered within a very short lunch time. I finally touched on a matter which was still sitting like a bit of sand inside my pants.

I wanted to get her opinion on this matter coz yesterday, again during lunch time (looks like I only get to talk or interact with people during lunch coz otherwise I’d be so busy doing my work – hope my boss is reading this), myrandomthoughts told me that a common friend of ours read my blog and offered a piece of advice. He said “if she is going to ramble on in her blog, she is not going to make any money”. Geez, now that was kinda presumptuous I thought. Not all bloggers blog to “make money”. I must admit, some do, whilst there are also some who do it to get heard or just to share their 2 cents worth with whoever who cares to read their blogs or some are like me, who are sometimes just dead bored and since I don’t have that many people to talk to, I talk to myself by blogging (sicko hor heehee). He further added that to make money, one has to blog about food. Ahhhh that is what I needed to confirm with babe. I asked “So, babe, you must be really rolling in it”.

She said, “You kidding ah? Food bloggers are the ones who make the least money lah. You want to make the dough, write on the techno stuff, the current affair stuff.. not on what you cooked yesterday or what you ate last weekend. Sheech!”. Thank God for that coz I can’t cook for nuts and I hardly go anywhere fancy to eat (not that I am cheap or anything like that, but I’ve got cheap friends who can only eat cheap food.. and also scarcely do we meet… hey hey… guys, that’s just a joke ok.. you’re not cheap, just not expensive :p).

Wow, that took the sand out of my pants, . And furthermore, I have got this nugget of gold from babe. She says that there are many ways to make money by blogging but one way is simply by putting in your blog key buzz words that will really help. Ahhh, no wonderlah. I see so many of my blogger friends blogging about the iPhone. Ok lah.. here goes…iPhone, iPhone, iPhone… the iPhone mantra...the money is going to roll in now…buahahahahah!!!!


Babe_KL said...
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Babe_KL said...

Let's lunch again tomorrow for more tips :p

Unknown said...

Ha Ha..oh yes.. lots to learn from you on how to make a blog successful.. not necessarily to make money lah but if it does, we'll go eat out at any place of your choice :)