Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh lalalala~~~~~

This morning started like any other mornings… going through the newspaper, while having my nasi lemak at my office work space. Nothing different about the morning except that I thought it was raining at about 6am this morning. Thought maybe I'd sleep in a bit and go to work later and blame it on the rain and the lousy traffic. Found out that it was the neighbour hosing his car at 6am in the morning. Drats!

There was a special education guide section in the papers today. Normally, I would not be overly interested in education as I have definitely past that stage a long time ago. However, since I was in office slightly earlier than usual, decided to flip through the section. Somewhere within the Suff@school section, the article “Calling the spirit world” caught my eye. There were some websites listed and I thought to myself mmm .. could be interesting to just see what they have there.

There were 3 sites listed down there. I had no problem with 2 of them but the 3rd one was giving me some problem with the loading. After some minutes, the site flashed up.

Instead of ghosties, I saw perfect male bodies. Glanced at the site’s url and instead of what I clearly typed in as the ghosties’ site, it turned to a Gay Porn site. Ohhh lalalala… I saw heavenly bodies…you mean God actually made male bodies that perfect….copied down the url and closed the page in case some nasty network administrator was spying (they call it monitoring) on what the staff were doing during office hours. Tried the url again from the papers, and this time, the ghosties’ page was loaded up.. mmmm…why was that?? Don’t know, don’t care. Must be a message there somewhere. I am going to dump all my straight guy friends and look for them beautiful gay guys??

One cool pic on that site

I am definitely leaving the office today sharp, sharp! Lalalala~~~~~~

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