Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How to make a Man fall in love with you?

Saw this during my morning ritual of browsing through the newspapers before I start the dreary work routine. This is from The Star papers and there was an article on “How to make a man fall in love with you?” Va va voom… I just gotta share this with my girlfriends (not necessarily only the unmarried ones) and my guy friends too (heh, what’s wrong with that).

So, listed under tips, this includes:-

1) Take good care of yourself. Stay in shape and eat a healthy diet. Make sure you are well groomed at all times (hair, nails, makeup). If you take pride in how you look, the man in your life will take pride in that as well. (my comments – yeah.. never listen to people who tell you that you should relax on this once you’ve got a bf, hubby or partner. Coz if you slack, you might just not-got the bf, hubby or partner if you start looking like a hag or worse, Dolores Umbridge).

2) Be confident. Confidence is not only a man’s game. Men like women who are sure of themselves and where they are going on in life. If you are not all that confident naturally, fake it until you no longer have to. (my comments – great to be confident but don’t be a know-it-all bitch. Nobody really likes a bitch that much).

3) Figure out where your guy hangs out, and you hang out there too. Before he can fall in love with you, he has to like you first. The more we are exposed to a stimulus (person, place or thing), the more we like it. (my comments – know where to draw the line from being a stalker brrr…. a stalker is scary).

4) Once he likes you and gets used to having you around, start to become less and less available. There is truth to the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, so make him miss you and work extra hard to have you around. Remember: things easily gotten are easily replaced. (my comment – true true.. but ya gotta be sure that your guy is not the “Out of sight, out of mind” type)

5) When you talk to each other, look longingly into his eyes. Hold eye contact with him longer than normal, and you can trick his brain into believing he’s in love with you. (my comments – no comment on this as most of the time spent nowadays are at the movies or doing rpg games. Anyway who has to dough for candlelight dinners where we can do the eyeballs-to-eyeballs thingy? Hard to do the thing at McD)

6) Make him feel like he is the only man in the world for you. Whether it’s a small note wishing him a good day, a light caress or gentle kiss, make sure he feels like he is the only man in your world. Men like the women in their lives to make them feel special, and the woman who can do that will be the one he loves. (my comments – guys, what say you? Would you like to get sms-es or calls everyday to let you know how we feel about you? – the network providers will love us for sure)

Do let me know if it works for you? I am also trying to “tackle” this guy, who is a renovator. Might get my condo re-done for free, with a bf thrown in as well…buahahahaha

Monday, July 23, 2007

So, did Harry survive the Deathly Hallows??

A lot of people, me included, have waited for a very long time for this 7th Harry Potter book for the ultimate question to be answered, “Will good triumph over evil?” With so many spoilers going around, I was just not that sure anymore, especially the one which says that JK Rowling had no choice but to kill Harry off in order to prevent people from writing spin-offs on their own. On Friday, there were scores of spoiler sites giving their versions of what will happen in the 7th and final book.

Was supposed to wake up at 6am on Saturday morning to pick up the book at 1Utama. But I did not expect to be up until 3am in the morning. Went to watch “See how they run”, a Thai spoof about little ghostie boy was aborted by his mum. The movie finished at about 1:30am, went for a bite to eat after that. Got to sleep after 3am, but before that, set the alarm to go off at 6am.

I thought I heard the alarm go off but when I did open my eyes, the clock showed 7:20am…Sh*t. Shot to the bathroom, shot out again, changed and dashed over to 1U. First thing that caught me is the sheer quietness of the place. Gosh, have everyone gone back with their copies already. Of coz lah.. read that lots of true HP fans were already up at 4am in the morning queuing. Went up to the counter, managed to get my pre-ordered copy with the freebies. Almost ran back to the car, got in the car, lock the doors and flipped right to the end of the book (haha that’s me… not one to read the book leisurely and find out 3 days later as to who died). Knew immediately who did not die ;). Sms some friends. Only RandomThoughts was interested to reply back. The rest did not reply coz they were busy planning how to do me in since I spoilt their reading pleasure of the book.

Not satisfied with just knowing who did not die. Sat in the carpark for many more minutes to flip through the few chapters before the end. Found out who died. SMS some more. Decided that I knew enough to go back now to begin a more leisurely read.

By the way, I will not spoil it for those who might stumble upon this blog coz I’ve got enough people after my tail already but I shall reveal all to those who has no time to read the book but wants to know how the story ends (smirk).

Anyways, it has been a great 7 years with Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Hermoine, McGonagall, the Weasleys, Neville, Hagrid, Malfoy, everybody else, even Snape and Voldermort (for without him, there would not have been the story). Since I have no life other than that with Harry and his friends, I have already started re-reading all the books, starting with Order of the Phoenix.... shoooofff..don't disturb me now..

But most of all, thank you JK Rowling xxxx

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Hero Marries!

To me, a hero can come in many shapes, sizes, forms and even make. Optimus Prime is my metallic hero, Gregory House is my crippled hero, Legolas is my elfin hero. This guy Bao Xishun is my man hero.

Bao Xishun (鲍喜顺), stands 2.36m (7ft 9ins) tall. He is 55 years old and he is a native of Inner Mongolia (中国内蒙). He was at the port city of Dalian in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province undergoing a treatment for rheumatism.

Why is he my hero? Coz he saved two dying dolphins in northeast China recently. He did it by reaching his metre-long (1.06m or 41.7ins to be exact) arms into the stomachs of these dolphins and removed the plastic that they had swallowed.

The dolphins had fallen sick after eating plastic surrounding the edge of their pool at an aquarium in Fushun, Liaoning Province. Attempts to remove the plastic using surgical instruments had failed and in a last ditch attempt to save the dolphins, vets decided to ask for help from Bao Xishun. He was able to reach deep inside the dolphins to pull out the plastic. For saving those dolphins, I have made him my man hero.

It was recently reported that Bao Xishun got married on 26th March this year to his girlfriend Xia Shujuan, who has been his girlfriend since February of the same year. She is only 28 years old, standing 1.68m tall. She works in a shopping mall in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.

Cheers to hero Bao Xishun :-)

What’s your blog rated?

Was listening to RedFM 2 sexy hunky DJs, Tim and Will interview Nathaniel Tan (the now famous blogger and Rachel Tan (Ms Astro Chinese International 2002 on the “danger” of the internet and the responsibilities of not only the blogger but also the bloggee.

Just have to put this lovely photo of Rachel here :)

At the same time, I stumbled upon this site which rates people’s blog to see if they are Parental Guidance (PG) suggested or heaven’s forbid, Restricted (R). So, I subjected my blog to be rated. Horror! My blog is rated as PG. And it says…

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
*drugs (3x) *dead (1x)

Checked some of my friends’ blogs and their ratings.

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Free Online Dating

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Free Online Dating

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Help.. are all my friends sooooo "Parentally approved"...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Variety Show - for charity

How about doing a good deed? There will be a charity variety show at the Securities Commission Auditorium on the 5th of August (Sunday) at 8pm. Many talents will be performing and there will be a fashion show thrown in. For those who likes leng luis, this will also be the first public appearance of the Miss Astro Chinese International Pagent 2007 finalists.

The evening will be hosted by Bill Keith, the fashion designer and Dee Dee, from the popular TV show “Jangan Ketawa” fame. Part of the variety show will also be filmed and broadcasted on Wah Lai Toi Channel on Astro. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism, Datuk Dr. Victor Wee will be the guest of honour for the night.

This charity show is to raise funds for a new extension for Kechara Buddhist Centre, which will house a multi-purpose hall, several chapels, a library and retreat rooms. The variety show will be in aid of this new extension as well as other projects being run concurrently by the centre, including a program to help the homeless and setting up a shelter and provide training for them in order to give them a long term solution.

Tickets are available at RM80, 120, 180 and 250 and there is an early bird discount of 20% for purchases before 25 July. They are also seeking sponsors for the event, with Silver Sponsors at RM2000 and above, which entitles the sponsor to have their logo in the program and two seats at RM250. Gold sponsors at RM5000 and above entitles the sponsor to the above privileges as well as their logo on the backdrop of the stage.

Tickets are available at Kechara House and outlets or you can just mail me.

Tunku, The Musical


Presenter : The Petra Foundation
Writer: Lim Chuang Yik & Teng Ky-Gan
Executive Producer:Dato' Faridah Merican
Cast: Tony Eusoff, Douglas Lim, Syuk Ibrahim, Evelyn Toh, Maria Yasmin, Doreen Tang, Zamil Idris and more
Duration of Show: 11 August - 2 September

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka, seven times the Tunku called. Seven times came the deep, excited response.

The last roaring cheer died away. A roll of drums, a hard metallic command, and as the strains of the national anthem flooded the stadium the flag of independent Malaya was slowly raised. Exactly as the flag reached the masthead came a crash of the first shot of the 101-gun salute...and so marks the beginning of our 50-year journey."

Created and directed by Joe Hasham and written by the duo who brought you the award-winning Broken Bridges, Lim Chuang Yik and Teng Ky-Gan, TUNKU The Musical has all the colour, drama, excitement, anticipation, heartache, sorrow and uncertainty of that fateful Saturday morning 31st August, 1957. Aptly timed in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th birthday celebration, this is certainly one production not-to-be-missed!


CHARITY NIGHT for SID Cancer Welfare Fund on 15 August

- Enquiries or to purchase tickets for charity night, please call Soroptomist International at 03-2300 1988.

Duration : 11 August - 2 September
Price : RM80, RM60 and RM40 (students, sr. citizens & disabled)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh lalalala~~~~~

This morning started like any other mornings… going through the newspaper, while having my nasi lemak at my office work space. Nothing different about the morning except that I thought it was raining at about 6am this morning. Thought maybe I'd sleep in a bit and go to work later and blame it on the rain and the lousy traffic. Found out that it was the neighbour hosing his car at 6am in the morning. Drats!

There was a special education guide section in the papers today. Normally, I would not be overly interested in education as I have definitely past that stage a long time ago. However, since I was in office slightly earlier than usual, decided to flip through the section. Somewhere within the Suff@school section, the article “Calling the spirit world” caught my eye. There were some websites listed and I thought to myself mmm .. could be interesting to just see what they have there.

There were 3 sites listed down there. I had no problem with 2 of them but the 3rd one was giving me some problem with the loading. After some minutes, the site flashed up.

Instead of ghosties, I saw perfect male bodies. Glanced at the site’s url and instead of what I clearly typed in as the ghosties’ site, it turned to a Gay Porn site. Ohhh lalalala… I saw heavenly bodies…you mean God actually made male bodies that perfect….copied down the url and closed the page in case some nasty network administrator was spying (they call it monitoring) on what the staff were doing during office hours. Tried the url again from the papers, and this time, the ghosties’ page was loaded up.. mmmm…why was that?? Don’t know, don’t care. Must be a message there somewhere. I am going to dump all my straight guy friends and look for them beautiful gay guys??

One cool pic on that site

I am definitely leaving the office today sharp, sharp! Lalalala~~~~~~

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I was invited to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Saturday at midnite. Harry Harry… the movie did not do justice to the book the least bit. I supposed it cannot as the book had so many facets to the story and the movie even with the whole 150 minutes can only at best give one a flavor of the story. It took the start, and the end of the book, with a flash of a mention of some of the events without making head or tail of them. I am not sure if those who did not manage to read the book could really understand what was going on in the movie. The dread, the fear of Voldy’s return was kinda lost in the movie. The story started with Harry’s meeting up with a pair of Dementors, which was a rather exciting start to the movie. However, that was about all that was exciting. Coz after that, from the sound of snoring from the guy in the row behind me, one could tell that the exciting factors have totally disappeared. My opinion is that watching the movie is only good as a synopsis to the book. Go read the book (again if you have already done so) and when the final book comes out on the 21st July, you’ll enjoy it so much more.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So pumped up with drugs that I feel I can fly…..

After some marathon movie sessions from Thursday right up to Sunday morning, I think my body has had enough of bashing. Coupled with the fact that on I was having lunch with a colleague on Thursday, who was practically coughing over my food and drink and sitting next to a lady on Friday nite’s puja who was coughing from start to end (when I meant start to end, it was from 8pm to almost midnite, poor dear), my immunity just could not stand up against the barrage of attack from the germs…. Arrrrggghhh.. I was down on Sunday evening. There goes my plans for another movie that evening.

I have about 8 packets for drugs in my bag now. Have completed the course of antibiotics but still coughing my brains out. Tried to take the little green pill for the cough… no effect. Took some panadols at 9am this morning, the headache did not subside by 10am, so, took another painkiller in. Feeling a bit better but the cough is still there. Tried to cough out the irritant but nothing’s budging. I think I am going to gargle dettol next, if only to stop this *&%$#@ itch (saw that advert on tv where the guy just put his hands inside his throat to scratch it). Wish I could do that now!!

Sigh, not going to go out for lunch coz the weather looks hot and I don’t really think I can take it. Maybe stay in doors and play with my little pills. Ngah.. I’d probably be reading up the other bloggers’ posts. Let’s see what tomorrow brings?

A mail just came in from an ex-Uni mate. Managed a smile on this cough and snot filled day :(

A Man entered a pet shop, wanting to buy a monkey.
The shop owner pointed out three identical monkeys and said, "The
monkey to the left costs 500 dollars."

"Why does that monkey cost so much?" the man wondered.
The owner replied,
"Well, it knows how to use a computer."

The man asked about the next monkey on the perch.
"That one costs 1,000 dollars because it can do everything the other
monkey can do, plus it knows how to use the LINUX operating system."

Naturally, the startled customer asked about the third monkey. "That
one costs 2,000 "

"And what does that one do?" the man asked.

The owner replied, "To be honest, I've never seen him doing
anything, but the other two call him BOSS!"

Going batty over metal

I think I must be about the last few in my circle of friends to watch Transformers. I was just wondering if I would enjoy a movie about a whole bunch of metal pieces. Worse was after hearing over the radio a listener's comment that the robots were better actors than the humans, I was thinking… this is going to be one long movie.

The theatre was packed to the brim and we were lucky to get seats, even if it was the first row from the screen. The upside was that we could see almost every screw and bolt on these metallic heroes and villains. Well I must say that despite the lousy view, the show proved very entertaining. It was quite long but every minute was fun filled. In fact, the robots were quite funny and sarcastic at times, more than their humans. I do agree somewhat that the robots were given better lines than the humans.

When the show ended, even before the credits were up, we decided that we will return and watch it again and this time, with better seats. And that we did. We returned again on Saturday, this time with perfect seats, 2 rows from the top… Wonderful.

For those who are not sure how all these started, let me share this with you.

“Several million years ago, on the planet Cybertron, dwelled a race of highly advanced, sentient robots; the Transformers. The heroic Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime, had been waging a war against the evil Decepticons, lead by Megatron. The war had lasted so long that it had decimated most of Cybertron and nearly completely drained it of energy.

Optimus Prime leads a group of select Autobots on an expedition for more energy. Megatron finds out, thanks to Soundwave and Laserbeak, and heads out after them. Before leaving, he appoints Shockwave as Guardian of Cybertron, to watch over the planet in his absence. They take off, and after avoiding a meteor shower, the Decepticons board the Autobot shuttle to do battle. The ship crashes into a nearby planet and all the Transformers on board are deactivated.

Four million years later, the volcano they crashed into erupts and the Decepticons are brought back online by the ship’s computer, Teletran-1. Teletran-1 grants them the alternate modes of various Earth vehicles and equipment as a means of disguise. They quickly ditch the still deactivated Autobots, determined to plunder Earth for its energy, but a stray blast from Starscream knocks Optimus into the repair beam. Optimus and the other Autobots are brought back online, with snazzy alternate modes of their own, and immediately set out to find the Decepticons”.

The above was extracted from the Transformer’s Animated Series 1984 - 1987 “More than Meets the Eye – Part 1”. You can view the synopsis of all the others at this site Happy reading