Thursday, March 6, 2008

When a Girl was actually a Boy...

Going back to one of my earlier posts on Stripey, one of my sugar gliders.... when I got her from my friend MJK, I was told that Stripey is a girl glider. Accepted that as a fact and was secretly glad as I thought that my Keenu will be getting a girl pal soon.

I've never had a girl glider before but MH, who is helping me take care of Stripey did voice out that "she" is more aggressive than the average female glider. He ought to know better, as he owns several gliders both male and female. He kinda suspected that Stripey may be a male but he didn't say and also we were not able to sight any testicles.

A week ago, MH noticed this white patch which was forming on the crown of Stripey's head. Alamak... that confirms it.. Stripey is a boy glider. That dashed all my hopes of getting a gal pal for Keenu. Sigh...have to girl hunting again for my little Keenu... (thoughts of a concerned glider "mum").

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Quickening said...

I think he's been agressive because he's annoyed of being addressed as a 'girl' for so long. *hehehe!*

JJ Jason said...

Sugar Glider!!!
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

kljs said...

Can always go buy one?

Unknown said...

quickening: haha..i agree with you too.. I'd punch the lights of anyone who calls me "Sir"..heehee

jjzai: ya hor.. certain angles..they look like a little piggie..

kenny: heehee..would you like it if your mum went out and bought you a girlfriend heehee..kidding ya..see how lah.. maybe one of my friends has a girl sugar glider..:)