Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrating the Winds of Change at Di Atas

Last Sunday was a nice and beautiful day, for most of us, especially the Rakyat at large. So, what to do on a day where celebrations is almost a must?? Rounded up some of the family and decided to ferry them up to Di Atas Brasserie at the Legend Hotel. There were only 6 of us as one of my brothers and his wife was away holiday in Beijing.

Decided to go for their Hi-Tea which was priced at RM41 +15% for adults and half price for kids. Their spread was not too bad but I really had eyes only for their starters and dessert spread. The mains were not too bad lah, especially their Nasi Kandar spread. I also noticed that they had my favorite, Chee Cheong Fun too... yum yum.

This is the Assam Laksa Station

Some of the good stuff there

Whilst the family went for their starters, followed by the mains and desserts, I went for the mains first, very little and very quickly... followed by desserts. After that only did I go back to their appetizers/starters. My nephew asked his dad, why is Auntie eating appetizers only when we are almost done??

These are some of the yummy food I ate

I had this just before we called for the bill :)

Before my brother could answer him, I replied "This is to confuse my stomach into thinking that I just started my meal. Now I can eat an entire round again...without the stomach telling me that it is done and I should be full". Haha..evil & greedy hor..

Level 9, The Legend Hotel
Opening Hours: 6:30am-1.00am(Daily)
For reservations, call (03) 4042 9888 / 2771 9888 ext. 9032

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twosuperheroes said...

wah...so much food!! next time we must try using your theory also, Y. Because whenever we go makan at buffets, sure rugi because we cannot eat a lot! haha.. :p

Unknown said...

haha.. actually.. didn't work lah.. after that plate of starters.. felt like stomach was going to burst...

kljs said...

yummmy....... and yeah, what a good way to celebrate a new era....


Unknown said...

hi kenny..happy to see the changes happening in Penang.

Elisha said...

im super scared of buffets nowadays... too much 'dugaan'... soo much irresistible food! it would be impossible to discipline myself to stick to the more healthy foods!

Unknown said...

Hi Raising Mercury..me too that is why I gave up trying to control myself during buffets... always a failure heehee..but luckily can only go for such meals once in a long while as they are not cheap :(