Friday, March 21, 2008

Pacific West has done it again...:)

There are some days when I feel really really lazy and wish that there were instant food pills or something that I can just pop but still savior the taste and smell of the real thing :).

Anyways, the other day, when I was doing my groceries, there was this pretty girl at the Freezer section dishing out some yummy fishy stuff. As I pushed my trolley towards her, I saw that it was one of my favorite fish supplier...Pacific West.

Apparently, they have a new product out which is a fish sandwich. It appeared somewhat like what oled Ronald McD serves inside his Fillet-o-Fish. Not only was it currently sold at a ringgit or so cheaper (I am not exactly sure but it should be about RM12 or so), but it came with a free bottle of Tropical Mayonnaise. Hey, why not.

So, that was what I had for lunch yesterday.. with an egg over it or without, I chomped down and waited for the moment of truth....... not bad... not bad at all. I reckon with a dash of French Mustard and their Tropical Mayo, it could indeed give old Ronald a good run for his money...haha..

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twosuperheroes said...

WAHHhhh....hahah..we wanted to buy this too the last time when we bought our PW black pepper fishy. Didn't know you lagi fast! Haha..

kljs said...

Where can I get this?

Unknown said...

twosuperheroes: i kiasu when they still have the freegiveaway heehee

kljs: i got my packet from Jusco. I reckon you may be able to find it from any of the is easy and yummy:)