Friday, March 14, 2008

Are Good Speakers Born? or Made?

Is a person born to be a good speaker or does he/she trains to be one? Actually I do not have the answer to this question. I was just viewing this video off YouTube and was recalling some previous interviews by some of our members of Parliament not too long ago. All individuals interviewed were interviewed in English and none of them could claim that English is their mother tongue. But how is it that these two can speak clearly, articulately and makes sense, whereas the others (I am sure most of you will know who I am referring to without naming names heehee) mumbled, stumbled and cannot make cow sense (no offense to the cows here). Thank goodness at least one of them probably may not be exposed to more interviews any time soon (phew!)

Judge for yourself...

Riz Khan - Malaysia's election tsunami - 12 Mar 08

CNN InterviewS PM Abdullah in Davos 2008 - 25 Jan 08

ZAM -- Al Jazeera Phone Interview with Zam - 10 Nov 07

HardTalk | Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar | Sarah Montague 3

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Elisha said...

thats a bloody good question actually! hmmmm, i personally think that its a little bit of both... but its leaning more towards the 'made' part..

why made? well.. i believe that the great speakers in our days become great from their own experiences.. thats why they can speak with such conviction and touch our hearts immensely..

in other words.. people can speak very well and convey their message really well if they have experience in what they are talking about, or at least have a lot of faith in it..

someone who doesnt know much about whatever he is talking about... well, wont convince us at all, because frankly speaking he hasnt even convinced himself..

also, upbringing.. the influences from parents, teachers or people.. it helps us develop strong opinions and conviction in things.. that as well creates really good speakers =)

i dont think they are really born that way though.. maybe a lil can come from family genes... but its really up to the person if he or she wants to develop the talent =)

hugs, hope that made sense..


kljs said...

I think people are born with it. People that can talk alot and can attract the crowds are natural born talkers. One of them is Anwar.....

Unknown said...

RM : wow.. what you say makes a whole lot of sense.. i am sure you must be one of those very eloquent speakers too? I tend to agree very much that when one speaks from the heart and is very confident, the words comes out very convincing. Otherwise, it either sounds like a script or worse.. just a whole bunch of rubbish. Thanks RM..hugz!

kenny : I think Anwar is indeed a very eloquent, articulate speaker and a very charismatic person. He also plays with the camera when he speaks... unlike some who seems fearful to look at the camera when they speak.. unless they had something to hid or they are not speaking the truth?

kljs said...

Some people are just camera shy.... take away the camera, and they can talk like pros.... or something like that.....

Unknown said...

Ha Ha.. i totally agree with you.. I've seen plenty of taxi drivers and uncles who are very eloquent (plus abusive) when they gather together at the fav kopi tiam...but if asked to speak in front of the camera...i can imagine...all like "see ham" - cockles..mouth shut tight :)

Anonymous said...

I think good speakers are born. You can be trained, of course, but those with the natural talents will always shine. Look at the politicians...not all of them are equally eloquent, although talking is their main "skill of trade".

The Malaysian Life

Unknown said...

mmm... yah, it would seems like good speakers are like diamonds..they have the inborn abilities and sometimes a polish or two is just what's needed to bring them out..