Wednesday, November 26, 2008

News Break on Daiso at The Curve

Hi peeps. I know that some of you are like me.. have been making visits to The Curve every other week to see if the Daiso there has finally opened its doors. The last time when I caught wind that there is a Daiso opening in Petaling Jaya, that was in October last month. Since then, I have been back a few times to The Curve checking up on it... and also my friend Mumsey has also been keeping me updated.

Last Sunday, I called up my friend JW and together we made it to The Curve, took the few escalators up and from a far, I did not noticed anything different on the outside of the boarded up area except for this little notice.

WAAAAAAHHHHH.. it is going to be soon. Have a good look at this picture and if you cannot read it clearly, just click on it to enlarge it.

The best part is there is a 2nd Daiso Branch too at IOI Shopping Mall... I am so excited.

Daiso at The Curve is opening this 13th December, which is a Saturday.. awwww.. I will be at the EAP Business Opportunity Fair (more about this very exciting event later) but first thing on Sunday morning, I am there before they open the shutters.

Daiso at IOI Shopping Mall in Puchong will be opened on the 15th January next year.

And oh.. they are interviewing Housewives and Students tomorrow at 3pm to 6pm at The Curve. If only I am financially free, I would love to work at Daiso.. haha.. and end up being their number staff and number one customer :D

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Anonymous said...

Wah wah... 13th Dec is pretty soon! Yahoo :D

Unknown said...

yeah hor.. maybe we will meet lots of blogger friends there on the 13th and the 14th :D

twosuperheroes said...

oh Daiso! We went to the one in Vivo City when we were holidaying in Singapore last weekend! $2 dollar frenzy eh... hahahha... :p

Unknown said...

did you buy many things from Daiso Sgp? if you did, please blog about it.. i love everything that they sell at that shop lah.. esply the kitchen section :D

allthingspurple said...

i was excited too, when I first read the notice paste outside their renovating store. I hope its going to open soon.hee hee.

twosuperheroes said...

Erm..nothing crazy though. Just a bunch of plastic containers to store food..! Haha.. :p

Unknown said...

allthingspurple: i think we will be seeing quite a number of bento bloggers there.. and of coz the other bloggers too :D

supes: haha.. what is just a bunch of containers to you might sent some of us on a frenzy wor.. we just love all things Daiso :D