Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Present For Your Poochie??

Christmas is about 3 over weeks away and what have you got on your shopping list for your darling poochies? Jakey, Axel, Chester, Snoopy and Rusty... who else... Eddie, Sam, Nick ... I hope your human pets let you have a look at what I am about to show you.. haha.. sorry, Nellie and Yuri, Dino and Muffin ... mummy is on a very very tight budget this year.. so, we'll just roast a chicken and share that for Christmas .. k??

I saw this at Gizmodo The Gadget Blog and I asked myself.. wow, if I could afford to buy this, I will probably want to live in it myself. Check it out.

Apparently this is a purchase made by a Great Dane's owner in UK which costs $380,000. This doggie house has a spa, a 52inch plasma TV, temperature controlled beds, amongst other luxury items. Click here for the original post.

Some dogs have it better than humans.... sigh....

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Angie Tan said...


Don't think I'll spend that much on my dogs. Besides, they both don't watch TV. LOL!!!

Unknown said...

haahaaa Angie.. if you were to buy that dog house, can I apply to be your dog .. woof woof :D