Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Furniture Hunting I Will Go

I guess it is that time of the year again, Christmas time.... which means holidays and shopping. Shopping for gifts for loved ones is most enjoyable but let us not forget who loves us best…. us of course :D So, what do we normally buy for ourselves? In my case, it is not clothes or shoes but always something for the house. Why? Because it is the place I love best and I want it make it as pretty and cozy as I can.

Sure, there are some stores which I have frequented in the past but sometimes it is great to go online and surf around to get new ideas and that was exactly what I did. I found several great sites where they have the most beautiful items you can imagine. I was thinking to myself, if only I could afford to buy every item I saw and liked, wouldn’t that be great. Ha Ha.. Then I would have to get myself a bigger house to put all those new stuff.

I spent my entire lunch hour checking through the internet and I came across some very nice looking bookcases. I am sorely lacking these in the house. Currently my books and magazines in the house are stacked up on tables, on chairs and on the floor. A few times, in my haste, I have nearly managed to killed myself when I tripped over them…sigh.. I think it is high time I got a bookcase, for my sake. It is not that easy to look for bookcases as a lot of them will not able to stand the load of the books and in my experience, teak is the sturdiest. And I do love all wood that the pesky little termites hate. However, I saw the bookcase that I am looking on the internet.

I have seen how an old chair can be given a new life with just a cushion and a couple of soft throws. I think that is exactly what I will do. I don’t think it is worthwhile for me to lug the old chair to the furniture repair shop to get it upholstered and lug it back again? Nah.. I think getting a few throws is a much better alternative. A piece like this is quite lovely. Ah, can you imagine it… with the rain falling outside and you are tucked in your old-new chair with a good book….mmm.. Now that is what I call life.

That reminds me, my reading room is also my Tara Room. Tara is my special idham but more about this another time. I will need some new candle holders for the altar. They have to be special as they will be my offerings to Tara and I found a pair of Lotus candle holders which I really like. There are many very lovely candle holders here but as I like all things unique, these are very appealing to me.

Now, all I need to do is to send an nice little email to my dear friend in UK to bring them back to me when he comes home this Christmas and that will be my Christmas present to ME :D.

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Anonymous said...

Christmas time is the best and the happiest one! People are running and searching for presents. It's a pleasure to prepare for this holiday!

Unknown said...

hi Jenna.. that is so very true. Thank you for dropping in and leaving a comment. Have a good weekend ;>