Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have Another Poochie Melting Moment or Two

It is my lunch time now. Quickly went into YouTube to see what the movie Quill was all about. I am sure it must be another one of those tear jerkers. The first video which I clicked was this one. Aaawwwww... a melting moment... a puppy that will melt the hardest heart..Have a look...since it lunch time now.. so, it should be ok :D

Quill ~ Guide Dog from YouTube.

"All About My Dogs" another poochie film which Angie mentioned. Most of the sites that I visited did not have the synopsis for this film except for HK Flix. This was copied from HK Flix " Yamada (Shidou Nakamura, "Be With You") is an ad man who had a bad setback on a dog food advertisement, thus he recalls having a dog buddy Pochi when he was a child. They met in an open ground and developed true friendship with each other, but an unpredictable accident made them apart. Then Pochi started his journey to find Yamada... "

All About My Dog - YouTube

I will go to Speedy Shop this weekend and try to look for these videos. The only problem with people at the Speedy Shop (also depending on which outlet) are not too well versed with film titles or CD titles or even artiste names. JW and I still laugh about the time we went into the Speedy outlet at the Weld and asked for "Andrew Lloyd Webber's" CD collections. The guy at Speedy went " Andrew ?? Paper". "No. No..Andrew Lloyd Webber". After repeating about 4 times, the guy asked "You want Andrew Boyyed Paper ah?". We said "Never mind" and left the shot.

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Anonymous said...

Watched Quill before. Didn't watch it to the end. Cannot tahan. Crying and all. At home. Hahaha

Unknown said...

wah.. that moving ah? last nite i was at Popular. nearly bought the "Marley & I" book.. also about a poochie.. a very nottie one..picture looks like chester lah.. real story i think. i din buy the book coz the pages inside was torn and it was the last one. going to mph this sunday to check.

Anonymous said...

I have that book... didn't read finish also...coz also beh tahan. Hahaha I read until when Marley's old. Don't want to continue...don't want to read about his death. :(

Unknown said...

hi che-cheh. i understand the feeling fully. oh yeah, i think the film is coming out early next year. Do you think you can bring yourself to watch it??