Friday, November 7, 2008

How My Boys Celebrated Obama's Win

I loved these boys ever since I first mistakenly bought one of their VCD homes, thinking that it is just a little cartoon for kids.... until 10 minutes or less into the show, they started to sing their first song.... "Unca Fu*ker". Yikes.. what sort of a cartoon show is this.. haha.. but soon my like turned to love for these little boys. Immediately after Mr Obama's win at the latest US Presidential election, I knew that they will be celebrating it too. And guess what, I am right. Picked this up from YouTube. It is entitled....

South Park inhabitants celebrate the win of President Obama

Yeah!.. Still haven't gotten over the euphoria yet :D

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Angie Tan said...

Hahahaaha.... LOVE SOUTH PARK!!!!

Unknown said...

haha.. yeah me too Angie *high5