Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beware! If You Like Ramen

These pictures were from a email which I received from a friend, and just as I have finished a bowl of home cooked Japanese Ramen at home. When I first read the title of the email, I was a little bit skeptical about the truth in that email. But after looking at the photos, it reminded me of an incident long time ago when a local "low shui fun" noodles factory in my country made the noodles yummy by adding boric acid. Anything to make the noodles yummier and tastier.

Anyway, have a look at the pictures which were sent to me and the text and decide for yourself as to whether this could be fact or not.

There is a restaurant located in Fushan, China serving very popular Lanzhou Ra-Mien (noodle) with daily sales of 700-1200 bowls.

According to the boss, to make such "nice" noodles, some chemical tenderizer have been added during the mixing process. All Lanzhoa Ra-mien contains this chemical.

This chemical is packed in two different packaging. RM3 for the white and RM5 for the blue.

If you could read Chinese, you may be able to tell what is in the contents of the packets.

The function of the chemical is to tenderize and improve the elasticity/softness of the noodles

Experiments were conducted with this chemical in a paper cup and you will see the damages it caused.

On the 2nd day, the chemical has seeped out through the paper cup and caused damage to the floor.

After washing the floor, this was left

The damaging effect was still visible after a long time.

I reckon that if one were to ingest this chemical continuously, problems will arise. But before you throw out all your bags of noodles, perhaps you ought to do a little bit more research first.

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Angie Tan said...

Eeep!!! Scary stuff coming out of these factories these days..

Anyway, I saw another series of e-mails about "fake eggs" from China....

Unknown said...

hi angie..yeah ka? oh dear. what is there left to eat :(

munytang said...

Yozoranitesky: rear our own chickens? :)

Unknown said...

haha...what if we only live in a small flat?? and after a while, it will be hard to eat one's pets :(

Vivianz said...

what's there for me to eat here in China??????

fake egg, bad noodle, milk scam, toxic prok... die...

Unknown said...

dear Vivianz.. you poor poor thing..soon, there will be nothing left except fresh air and sunshine.. haha.. eat Danish Cookies, Dutch Spam, and everything European .. could be quite expensive though ??

Bengbeng said...

this is terrible. i shudder to think of wat is happening in our own shores

Unknown said...

yeah Bengbeng.. that is why of late, we have been hearing of news of people with cancer and other illnesses affecting people of the younger age groups.. it is scary :(