Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Things Obama

It is almost 1 am local time. Not able to sleep just yet as I still on MSN chat with an ex-Golfing partner. Ex on my part only as I have temporarily hung up my clubs. He is still actively playing and improving his handicapp by the day :D.

So, whilst chatting with him, I was also surfing around the net when I saw a post entitled "Obama Waffles". I first stumbled upon it at Gosublogger. I was telling myself "Is this for real or not?".

After searching a bit more, I found this little video ( where the creators of the Obama Waffles were interviewed. They are Bob DeMoss and Mark Whitlock of Franklin, Tenn. If you have nothing better to do, just go have a look here ... or here whilst the waffles are still hot.

But of course there are many who are not amused by this at all. Caught this off YouTube - Obama Waffles Causes Outrage

I wonder what Mr Obama has to say about this? My bet is that he is big enough a man to see the humor in this.

Latest edit - thanks to munytang for pointing out to me about the McCain Cereals, I found these at Super Punch's website... cool...

Good nite folks.. I mean.. good morning :D

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munytang said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my site.

I saw the same on McCain cereals before the elections, they were featured on CNN. :)

Went through your blog, interesting stuff. Keep in touch.

Unknown said...

hi munytang. wow.. really ah? haha.. they think of everything don't they? okie.. lets keep in touch :D