Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why We Do What We Do... Anthony Robbins

There are those of us who loves to listen to great motivational speakers and I am definitely one of them. During lunch time, whilst I was surfing around (whilst eating maggie mee goreng at my desk), I received an invitation from my friends Wendy and Jerome to go have a look at this free video. Ha Ha.. I am always a sucker for anything free... and furthermore, I do enjoy listen to Anthony Robbins speak, what more, this is a video.. so, I will get stimulation, both visual and audio.

When you are free, just go to this link Anthony Robbins asks.... and let the video run. You could even download it but it is a rather large file, well over 70MB in size.

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Anonymous said...

I love free stuffs. I no different than you. :) haha~~

ya, btw that for the link. :)

Unknown said...

hi fooi...*high 5*... you are most welcomed :)